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The Best Electric Bike Rides in Canada

Last month we wrote about how the Trans-Canada Trail is being completed this summer as part of Canada’s 150th birthday celebration – making it the longest bike trail in the world! We also wrote about the fact the country’s national parks are free to enjoy this summer and then listed the best national parks to visit […]

The Best Car Racks for Your Electric Bike

Believe it or not, more bikes are damaged while they are being transported using another vehicle than they are when they’re doing the transporting. Scratches, dents, crimped cables and even broken derailleurs or spokes are more often caused by putting a bicycle in the back of a truck, in a trunk or on a poorly designed […]

Announcing Canada’s Newest Pedego Store

We’re excited to announce that Prince Edward County, one of the most popular vacation areas in eastern Ontario, is now home to the newest Pedego store. Prince Edward County is one of the most beautiful areas in Ontario and a paradise for electric bike riders. Located just West of the city of Kingston on a […]