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The Ridge Rider: Patroller Edition attracted lots of attention at a recent Blue Line law enforcement expo in Toronto.

Al Hussey, owner of Pedego Kawartha Lakes, took a Patroller and other Pedego Electric Bikes to the exhibition. Police were able to sit on the bike, test the siren, lights and the full police pack as well as the regular features of the electric mountain bike.

The Pedego Patroller is a modified Ridge Rider, and it comes assembled with upgrades to make law enforcement, surveillance and security easier.

It is solely provided in Canada by Pedego Canada, and many Pedego dealers have a police bike to show in the store, and for lending to law enforcement teams for in the field testing.

The Patroller can be sold individually, or in a fleet deal to reduce costs and include 12 months or more of free servicing.

Al says the bike has been a hit with the police officers who have ridden it so far.


One of the great things about owning a Pedego store is you get to meet so many fantastic people. In fact, that’s a highlight. As an example, Julie recently told us about how many new friends she’s made after she and Ruby opened Pedego Qualicum Beach five years ago. “I could go on and on about how many friends we have now,” she says. “We love that people shop locally. For us it’s all about service and smiles.”

Buying an electric bike at a store is one of the most pleasurable experiences you can have. Especially at a Pedego store because they’re so colourful and fun. It’s the complete opposite of purchasing an ebike online. Your computer is never going to smile back at you and then tell you all the amazing, secret trails around your area. It’s not going to introduce you to others. Sure, it may give you a discount, but at what cost? If something breaks on your electric bike will your computer fix it?

We were inspired by Independent Bike Store Day on March 24th to list the reasons why people should buy an electric bike at a store versus purchasing one online. The exception to that rule is purchasing an electric bike on the products page of our website because in most every case we’ll send the electric bike to your closest bicycle store to have them build it and pass along the support you’ll need to thoroughly enjoy your electric bike experience.

So, without further ado, here are eight reasons why you should by an electric bike at a store.

You Can Try A Bike Before You Buy And Compare Models

A bike isn’t a book. You have to get comfortable with it and on it. The owners and employees in the stores live and breathe bikes and have the expert information to get you on the right one. For example, do you know the realistic distances you are likely to get on a 48V 10Ah versus a 48V 15Ah battery? It’s not the often-inflated claims published online. Or, why does the Stretch cargo bike have a 24-inch wheel and what differences does it make versus the 26-inch and 28-inch options on the City Commuters? We recommend visiting a store and trying them all to decide what’s best for you.


Your Bike Is Built For You

Have you ever tried putting together a piece of IKEA furniture? Even those without moving parts can be frustrating to build in your home. There’s a reason every bike store has at least one person on site with a mechanic’s certificate. It’s so they can effectively and safely assemble the bikes, check all the fastenings and set up such important items as brakes. You don’t want to mess up setting those up!

You Receive Ongoing Support

This is one of the best reasons why you should buy an electric bike at a store. Electric bike manufacturers that only sell their products online can offer a discounted price but when something breaks, or when regular maintenance is required, you’re often left on your own. All Pedego bikes come with a two-year warranty and many stores offer tune-ups as part of the purchase price. Unless you’re a bike mechanic, you’re going to have to visit a bike store eventually. And there’s a chance they may not know how to fix the electric bike you purchased online.

You Make Connections

As mentioned above, buying an electric bike is a fun, social experience. Some people require multiple visits to bike stores to decide on an ebike they want and over time you’ll get to know your local store owner and the mechanics. They’ll introduce you to others who love to bike and you’ll make new friends who will want to go ride with you outdoors rather than just interact with you on social media.

You’ll Get Answers & Advice About Upgrades & Accessories

Quick: what’s the weight difference between spoke wheels and mag tires? And do you know if that child trailer you’re looking at can easily fit onto your ebike? How about what’s the best lock to use? Sure, you could spend time looking up the questions to those answers online but what about the questions you don’t know that you don’t know? A shop owner or employee is there to help answer all your questions and provide advice about what model is right for you as well as what upgrades and accessories you should consider.

You’ll Be Part Of A Community

One of the best things about owning a Pedego electric bike is that there are other Pedego riders out there looking to ride with you. In fact, there’s a reason so many bike stores have coffee shops attached to them now — it’s because being a bicycle rider automatically makes you a member of a community of other like-minded people. Sure, this can happen online. (For example, we just heard from Pedego owners in Richmond, BC, who met an Oregon couple on the American Pedego Owners Facebook page and they went riding together in California.) But it’s a lot easier, faster and more powerful to just head down to your local bike shop and say hi.

You’ll Benefit Your Local Economy

We forget that it’s the independent stores that keep our local economies flourishing. A dollar spent within your community stays within your community. By purchasing something online, you’re only benefitting the company at the end of the line. For example, think of the little league teams and local charities in your area that are supported by local businesses. Large online corporations aren’t doing that.

You’ll Get Out Of The House

We all spend far too much time in front of screens in our daily lives. Get off the couch, get out of the house and visit your local bike store. Those first strides out your door will literally be the first steps you take to an exciting and fun new life involving an electric bicycle.

So, to sum it all up, there are benefits for you, for the shop owner and employees and for your community as a whole when you purchase an electric bike at a store. But don’t just take our word for it. Why do you shop at your local bike store? Or why do you not? Let us know in the comments section below.

Recently we asked Julie and Ruby, the owners of Pedego Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, why it is they love owning a Pedego store. They didn’t answer right away saying there were so many reasons that they wanted some time to think about it. A few hours later, Julie emailed us a 400-word document that was so well written and authentic we decided to share it with everyone else (with their permission of course).

This is what Julie wrote:

The main reason we love owning a Pedego store is our customers. They inspire us to make every day unique and fun.

It’s always an event at our store when someone purchases an electric bicycle and I think it’s because of all the stories involved. There’s the lead up to why the person decided to look at an electric bike in the first place. Then there’s the test-riding experience and learning all about this new technology and sometimes that can play out over multiple visits, test riding various different bikes. People learn about the health benefits and the cost savings and the fact they don’t have to have a special license or special insurance.

And then there’s the day of purchase when the customer is just so happy. That’s why we love what we do — we live for those grins.

Of course, the stories don’t end there. I could go on and on about all the new friends we’ve made because people keep coming back and letting us know about how great their bikes are and inviting us to join them on rides. They also come back for their first free tune up, which is another opportunity for them to share about what’s going on with them and how their electric bike has impacted their lives.

We’ve heard so many stories about people who had to stop biking because the hills were too steep for them and then they discover electric bikes and their world is transformed! There have been paper-delivery people, for example, who were about to give up their job because the weight of 100 newspapers was too much for them. We found them the right ebike or trike and they were on their way again.

Then there are those couples who had to stop biking together because one person is recovering from or enduring, hip, knee, foot, heart or lung issues to name a few. One or two test rides on on an electric bike and, voila, they’re back out there. Of course, sometimes they get so keen to ride their partner has to get an ebike as well to keep up!

Some people purchase an electric bike to use as their primary vehicle to get groceries home or ride to work. And some use it recreationally because there’s no better way to explore the area and surrounding islands. In fact, we’ve had people purchase ebikes so they don’t have to pay the high cost of bringing a car on the ferries, there’s always lots of room for bikes and they’re first on, first off.

We also hear great things about our Financeit program, which allows people to pay for the purchase of their electric bike over the course of many months, giving them the freedom to get to school or work without worry about prohibitive overhead. And the program encourages people to shop locally and keep money in the economy here in our area north of Duncan on Vancouver Island.

Finally, we we love owning a Pedego store because, like riding the electric bicycles, it’s just so fun!