Just for Fun: Fun Brings People Together

Norm and Teri Rockmaker thought their cycling days were over. Their bikes hung in the garage gathering dust for years.

Then, Teri surprised Norm with a Pedego Electric Bike for his birthday. “She was very sweet about it and it was really a surprise,” he remembers. “Once I got mine and she saw how much fun it was, then we got her one too.”

“I had to have one,” she says. “I wasn’t about to let him have all the fun!”

After twenty-four years of marriage, spending quality time riding their Pedegos has brought them closer together. It’s an activity that they both enjoy and can always agree on.

“There’s absolutely no argument,” Norm explains. “When one of us wants to ride, the other one goes too because it’s so easy and pleasurable to be able to get on the bikes and have some fun.”

When the Rockmakers travel, they love to bring their Pedegos along. One of their favorite memories is riding in Yosemite. They were able to get to the trailhead of their favorite hiking path quicker and easier than everyone else and they appreciated their throttles more than ever after a long, strenuous climb.

“It was tough hike, and when we came down and saw our Pedegos, it was like a dream came true,” says Norm. “I never pedaled once all the way back to the cabin.”

Their Pedegos have also done wonders for their social life. They have a growing number of friends that also ride Pedegos and they all like to meet up and have fun together. It’s a wonderful way to spend time with their friends, who in turn bring new friends of their own, that the Rockmakers have never even met before.

“It’s not a gang, it’s a club,” Norm insists. “As far as we’re concerned, the more people the better — the more laughs we have, the more fun we have.”

The couple credits Pedego Electric Bikes for getting them back on the road again. “We wouldn’t be riding if not for the Pedegos,” says Teri. “We love having good times with our friends, getting exercise, and just being out there — not being a couple of couch potatoes!”

“The thing about the Pedego is that nothing hurts when you’re finished riding,” adds Norm. “It’s almost like being a teenager again. You can’t beat it. It’s a damn good life.”