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10918 – 88th Avenue NW
Edmonton Alberta T6G 0Z1
780 435 2674

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Redbike is your electric bike destination in Edmonton. In fact, the capital city and surrounding area are perfect for electric bikes what with all the dedicated bike paths and headwinds. Just imagine riding around the city, avoiding all the traffic and not having to worry about finding parking!

Take one of these great electric bikes for a test ride in Edmonton, Alberta, and find out why Pedego Electric Bikes are so popular. You’ll discover that not only will an electric bicycle get you off the couch and out of the car, you’ll also have a lot of fun riding one!

I don’t think I have ever felt more empowered than when I am riding my Pedego electric bike. It gives me confidence and makes me feel capable.
1300+ kilometers in and no regrets for making the purchase of a Pedego Commuter last fall.

Every Pedego is lovingly designed in California with you in mind. They are crafted with select, brand name components from the ground up.

Our philosophy is that an electric bike is only as great as its weakest part, so we pay attention to the details (even those you don’t see), and we never cut corners.

Small details make a big difference, and when you ride a Pedego, you can tell that we really care.

Pedego is a fun company, and yet we’re gravely serious about one thing — uncompromising quality that lasts.