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Pedego Electric Bikes Blairmore, AB

Alpenland Blairmore
13131 20th Ave.
Blairmore, AB
T0K 0E0
P: (403) 753-5052

Blairmore, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, you’re a biker’s dream to discover! Crunch it up and over the Crowsnest Pass with outstanding vistas the entire way, a cruisy trip to the grocery store for that last minute dinner you forgot to get started, and even a epic commute to Waterton National Parks… and back…   Now, imagine travelling them all without breaking a sweat! That’s the joy of riding a Pedego electric bike.

The Pedego electric bike brand started out with North America’s most beloved electric bicycle — the Pedego Comfort Cruiser. The range now includes an urban city commuter, a fat tire electric bike, an ultra-low step thru bike,  tandem, a ‘super cruiser’ and our brand new Stretch cargo bike. Pedego electric bikes are designed in California and built with quality, name-brand components from the ground up. For more information on our electric bikes, click on any of the images below.

Looking for electric bikes in Blairmore?  The high-quality Pedego electric bikes are available at dealers across Canada. However, if there isn’t currently a dealer in your immediate area, we will cover the shipping and assembly costs if you decide to purchase a bike! Please check the map on our dealer page to find the store closest to Blairmore. If you are a potential electric bike dealer in Blairmore, we would also love to hear from you to discuss opportunities in this exciting electric bike market. Since their introduction, Pedego electric bikes are expanding at a rapid rate across Canada and now is a great time to to enter the ebike market.

Pedego bicycles are the quickly becoming the most recognizable brand of electric bike in Canada as well as across the world, and they are certainly number one in style and comfort! If you would like more information, call Pedegeo Electric Bikes toll-free on 1-888-777-2066, email us at … or just check out the information available on this website. Electric bikes get you back on a bicycle, off the couch and out of the car! There are plenty of great reasons to ride a Pedego, but the best reason is simple … it’s fun!

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