Shop Local – Buy Your Ebike In Store

February 28, 2023

Sheila and Murray Fraser own Pedego Oyama. They love their Pedego electric bikes and enjoy the supporting others in the Okanagan cycling community. Here are Sheila’s thoughts on shopping local:

Okay, so you’re interested in an electric bike. You’ve seen them being used by your friends and feel ready to find one for yourself. You grab your iPad and head online to search “ebikes near me” only to be overwhelmed with information/misinformation/disinformation! Don’t get me wrong – doing your homework online is useful for technical details, comparisons, product availability, reviews, ratings, etc. But your computer will never be able to answer all your questions specifically about you like: Is this the perfect fit for me? Are there adjustments/adaptations for me for my most comfortable ride? Is this the best choice for me, for my ride style, the folks I’m riding with, or the areas I want to go? Is this bike the most fun, the most safe, the best value specifically for my needs, my wants, my lifestyle? What’s the warranty protection look like. Does it give me years of worry free riding? Where does it get serviced? And, what if I’m travelling and need something – then what?

Here are my top three reasons why I shop local:

Why Murray and I believe in PEDEGO’s mission of making it fun and easy for everyone to ride a Pedego electric bike:

  1. MAKE PEOPLE CONNECTIONS – With like minded members of your community, who want or share similar interests or challenges – that in itself helps separate hours of internet info and debate that may or may not be efficient, relevant or beneficial to finding the best fit and value for you: Read our full blog to learn more on this one…
  2. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – Contrary to what some online sellers might tell you one size (especially in bikes) does not fit all. And not all ebikes are created equal!! Not one ebike can fit every body type or riding style! If you’re like me, you need to touch, feel, get your questions answered and most importantly TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. That’s why Pedego believes in stocking 19 different styles so you touch/feel/compare/ride and make the most informed decision for your purpose, personal style and fit.
  3. AFTER SERVICE CARE Service shouldn’t stop when you purchase an ebike – It is the beginning! When I receive a valuable purchase, I need to know that it’s been quality checked, expertly assembled, and fit to me. I am not a great reader of instruction manuals, so having someone take time to show me and answer my questions is invaluable to me – whether it’s about how to operate it safely, getting the most of the features onboard, or finding some great local riding spots! Plus, I want to know where I am bringing it to maintain it to keep my baby running safe and smooth. Or, if a warranty issue arises, who I’m going to call? Read more about our warranty…

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the 300+ 5-star reviews our new owners and renters have said about us and our brick and mortar presence at Pedego Oyama:

We took the bikes for a test ride as we don’t know much about ebikes. We absolutely loved riding the bike. Definitely want one now! The staff were wonderful. We weren’t pressured to purchase, and she took her time explaining and demonstrating instructions. It was a good experience.

Great knowledge, excellent advise and pleasant atmosphere. Explained my needs and desires. With Murray’s knowledge and experience he explained the perfect bike for me. After a test ride I decided on the spot, the Ridge Rider is perfect. Looking forward to the many exciting miles to come.

Incredibly friendly owners with impeccable service! My bike needed a bit of a tweaking and they had it done immediately!! Thank you for all you did for us. New loyal customers…

I have rarely met people who love their business so passionately. I was given friendly, very competent and very patient advice, extended test drives included. The team worked out exactly what I needed and sold me the perfect bike for me. Excellent service. Thank you so much. You did far more than necessary and expected and I appreciate it very much.

My husband and I were interested in trying out Pedego e-bikes so when we heard there was a dealer in Oyama, we contacted them to arrange a time to go do some test riding. We heard back from the shop right away to schedule us in, and two days later we were off to Oyama. Murray and Sheila are lovely people and very knowledgeable about the bikes they sell. They are very passionate and enthusiastic about Pedego bikes and obviously love what they do. They were able to answer all of our questions and offer valuable advice. They encouraged us to try a variety of bikes and we had a great time trying them out. The store is located right beside the Okanagan Rail Trail which is just perfect for taking these bikes for a spin. There are a few good hills nearby too so you can really see how these bikes cruise effortlessly up the steepest inclines. This was a great experience for us!

Murray & Sheila were amazing to deal with and went above & beyond to place with the proper e-bike to meet our individual needs. They allowed us to extensively try several different Pedego models, to zero in on right one for each of us. They patiently answered all of our questions and suggested suitable accessories to fit us out. They were very engaging, obviously loving what they do and deeply caring about their cycle community & clientele. Thank you Murray & Sheila. See you on the Rail Trail.