• Enjoy great “Pedal or Not” choices. You can pedal the Pedego electric bike just like a regular bike, or give it a little twist of the throttle, and ride! Pedego’s powerful, whisper-quiet motor will carry you to new adventures thrilling all the way, flattening hills and making headwinds a breeze.
  • Have fun getting fit. Electric bikes are a great way to get exercise. You can bike a lot and get fit – pedal all you want, and give it a little electric zip when needed.
  • Improve your health. Great for people who’ve had surgery or have a chronic illness and need help riding up hills and through headwinds.
  • Discover new vistas. From cityscapes on bike paths to mountain passes and sandy beaches, Pedego has the electric bike that will take you to new heights. The City Commuter’s sleek styling will take you to that new coffeehouse in style. For those with the wilder side, Pedego’s Trail Tracker conquers mountains and even sand.
  • Commute to work. Pedego’s City Commuter helps you go green — no more gas!  Just plug it in and enjoy more smiles per mile.
  • Set the pace. On Pedego’s Comfort Cruiser, you will sail along anywhere you would ride a pedal bike but with more power and a bigger smile.
  • Discover something new.  Perfect for the person who “has everything” and loves to have fun!  Pedego will rock your world!
  • Be a kid again.   Pedego’s tagline says, “Hello, Fun!” and the big grins will prove it true.
  • Spend time together. Gift certificates for Pedego rentals fit the budget-minded family and deliver a really fun day!
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