Pedego Oyama Shares Must-Have Ebike Accessories

February 23, 2023

Pedego Oyama owner in pink jacket by ebike

Meet Sheila Fraser. She is co-owner of Pedego Oyama along with her husband Murray Fraser. They love their Pedego electric bikes and enjoying endless adventures in the Okanagan’s Lake Country. With her vast experience as a cyclist, we are sharing Sheila’s must have accessories for the 2023 riding season! Let’s get geared up and to the pedals! HELLO FUN!

As I prepare for spring and the upcoming cycling season (I must admit, I am a fair-weather rider) I reflect on my ebike rides in New Zealand last fall where I had an opportunity to try and compare other ebike brands. It was awesome seeing the sights on an ebike, highlighting the joy of cycling to me, but it also pointed out things I loved and missed about riding my Pedego “Ronnie.” These are the things that give me the most “HELLO FUN!” and keep me safe while cycling at home.

Sheila’s MUST HAVE for HELLO FUN list:

  1. RONNIE – Scratched up, 5-plus-years-old, thousands of kilometres on it, designer fenders… My Ronnie was a trade-in 26’’ Platinum Interceptor CLASSIC that became a Golden Interceptor STEP THRU and through it all, is still my best cycling buddy.
  2. MAGS – My magnesium wheel upgrade from Pedego make Ronnie light on its treads, easy to maintain (no broken spokes) and they just look good!
  3. KINEKT SEATPOST – It’s like air-ride suspension. I’ve tried others, but I always end up coming back to appreciate the Kinekt – I can dial up or down how much bounce I want for my ride giving me the ultimate control.
  4. THUMB THROTTLE – This Pedego adaptor is great for arthritis giving an easy lighter touch on the throttle. I can still keep my fingers and hand floating safely over the brakes, to feather when needed.
  5. LEFT MIRROR – Pedego mirrors makes road riding safer and easier that craning or twisting my body while cycling to see who’s behind me before I turn.
  6. SENA HELMET – Having Bluetooth capability means I can talk straight to Murray without having to twist in the saddle. We should wear them even when we aren’t riding!
  7. MAXXIS TIRES – High Rollers are the go-to grippy tire for all riding – just like all season radials. I feel anchored, especially when riding during the shoulder seasons on the Okanagan Rail Trail when the gravel trail is loose or rutted with uneven wear.
  8. MAP GUIDES – Pick up an edition of  Let’s Go Biking for maximum fun! These are the best books ever. I use Okanagan and Beyond for local riding and publications from across the province to plan further adventures!
  9. SNOOD – The snood is the ultimate neck warmer perfect for winter AND summer cycling. I have several to wear under my helmet. In summer, rinse your snood in cold water before putting on – it’s like an air conditioner. In winter, pull ’em up over your ears  to keep the wind and chill out!
  10. MAC IN A SAC – Be seen in this high performance outerwear. With lots of road riding, it pays to be as visible as you can. What’s Sheila’s colour? “I like to be “in the pink!”
  11. WATER BOTTLE AND SADDLE BAGS – Mom and Girl Guides always taught me: BE PREPARED. Now, I can’t help but stay hydrated, pack purses, jackets, maps, snacks, first aid kit, etc. This is all good stuff at my fingertips in a create commuter bag. Check out Pedego’s options.

Got your own HELLO FUN list? Let’s share! Keep our cycling community the best of the best !! Send us a message!