The Power of a Lock – Protect Your Pedego Bike!

August 24, 2022

Bike thieves have no second thoughts when it comes to disrespecting your property. Volunteers at a local senior centre in Kelowna were recently targets of a rash of thefts.

Sylvia volunteers at the Parkinson’s Senior Centre three times a week and arrives ready to help her community on her Pedego electric bike. Unfortunately, four of her fellow volunteers had their electric bikes stolen in one week. Like in so many places, theft is on the rise.

But, Sylvia’s electric bike was not going to be theft number five because her Pedego-endorsed bike lock saved the day! Try as the thief did, they couldn’t get through the locking device or the links with his powered zip grinder. (The thief was captured on video.) They worked on it for a long time and then had to abandon the crime scene before getting caught. You can see by the photo here, the lock is a strong one.

Sylvia loves her bike, riding it everywhere and she will continue to pedal with peace of mind knowing her precious asset is as safe and secure as she can make it.

(By the way, Pedego Oyama gave Sylvia a new bike lock so they could use her damaged one as evidence of a great product. Learn more about the Pedego bike lock…)

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