Practice Ebike Safety with Pedego Oyama

March 6, 2023

Happy woman riding white pedego electric bike on a lakeside trail.

Importance of Cycling Safety

If you need another reason or two to shop locally instead of looking online, Pedego Oyama has your answer! The ebike retailer, located alongside the Okanagan Rail Trail, is owned by long-time residents Sheila and Murray Fraser who care about their community. Safety of cyclists is a top priority.

“We’ve always been about safety,” says Pedego Oyama co-owner Sheila Fraser. “From the moment you sit on one of our bikes – whether you’re renting, test riding, or buying – we make sure your helmet is on your head and we’ve given you an orientation on how to ride your Pedego ebike safely. And, that’s just a start.”

Last season, Pedego Oyama offered an in-person Saturday morning seminar about trail safety and etiquette. This year, Pedego Oyama is offering even more with the online Cycling Savvy Basics course, free to all purchasers of ebikes at Pedego Oyama.

“We are so blessed to have a great cycling corridor through the Okanagan, and we want to help everyone safely share our active transportation routes and city streets,” says Fraser.

Become a PowerSavvy Cyclist!

The biggest paradox in cycling is that many “common sense” things cyclists do to be safe actually make them less safe. This is because they don’t understand how most crashes happen. The likelihood of encountering motorist mistakes increases with speed and motorists frequently misjudge the speed of bicyclists.

Ebikes are unique in that most ebike riders don’t look like fast cyclists. The good news is motorist mistakes are predictable and avoidable. In Cycling Savvy Basics, learn how crashes happen, and how to maximize your safety with a handful of smart strategies that virtually eliminate conflicts. Learn to read traffic patterns, position yourself strategically, and communicate clearly with motorists. It only takes one person to prevent most crashes.

“It can be you!” says Fraser. “We have been searching for a safety course geared especially to ebikes. I have taken this course myself as well as some of the others offered by the Cycling Savvy organization. We feel it is such good value, with support from Pedego headquarters, we are sponsoring all Oyama owners to take this course for free.”

Pedego stands for all around customer care. A commitment to safety, along with a 5-year ebike warranty, after-sales service shop, and people to answer or assist in every way ensures a Pedego experience is fun and easy.

Pedego stands for all around customer care. A commitment to safety, along with our 5-year ebike warranty, our after-sales service shop and people who are here to answer or assist in every way to ensure you Pedego experience is fun and easy.

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