Recovered Pedego Gets New Assignment with Bylaw Enforcement

June 7. 2022

Officer Glen Little is ready to ride the refurbished City Commuter that was recently turned in to Pedego Oyama. 

A broken down Pedego electric bike that had long since lost its owner has a new lease on life with a happy rider in the Okanagan thanks to Pedego Oyama.

The bike was very old, without a registration number and no one had reported it stolen so after six months, the local RCMP released it to Pedego Oyama, the Pedego name being the only identifier.

Pedego Oyama’s certified bike mechanics (also known as bike magicians) Murray and Chase repaired all the broken and missing parts and got it safely ready for the road.

“It was in pretty rough shape,” said store owner Sheila Fraser. “It’s great to see it all fixed up and ready to ride!”

This bike will be used by bylaw officers to patrol the Okanagan Rail Trail as well as in other duties. Many may have seen Officer Glen Little at the Oyama Days Parade on Sunday, June 5.

If bikes could smile, we are sure this old City Commuter is wearing a grin as big as Officer Glen’s, happy to be back in commission.

Learn more about Pedego Oyama and follow their Facebook feed.