Getting Ready to Ride

In 2007, Don DiCostanzo was busy with several successful business ventures. But he wasn’t too busy for a labor of love: Opening a bicycle shop named Zclipse in Newport Beach, California. Don, along with his customers, enjoyed cruising along the beautiful Southern California Coast. Eventually, though, he noticed that the headwinds were strong and that some hills ruined the fun. Out of these challenges, he developed an interest in electric cycling — for personal use and in his shop.
Meanwhile, Don’s friend Terry Sherry was trying to enjoy weekend rides a few miles inland with his wife, and they both grew tired of the hills in their neighborhood. After arriving home sweaty and exhausted from a breakfast ride, they turned to electric bikes as a solution.
When Don tried to find quality electric bicycles for his shop, he ran into roadblocks. Quality and service were not what he had imagined. Don’s frustration with existing suppliers eventually led him to contact Terry to discuss a great idea. In November of 2008, the two met for dinner and — as the cliché goes — planned their approach to an electric bicycle business on the back of a napkin. They agreed that their company would enjoy core values that place quality, innovation and customer service at the top of the list. They knew that an electric bike company following such values would quickly outpace any competition. They would delight customers of all ages with their electric bicycles and customer care. And they knew their company would be a hit. With this plan in mind, the two men co-founded Pedego Electric Bikes.

The Starting Line

The company opened its doors in December 2008, setting up shop in a 1,500 square-foot location on Daimler Street in Irvine, California. Pedego quickly outgrew that site and moved to a site on Peters Canyon Road in Irvine. This new location doubled their workspace to 3,000 square feet. In April 2010, their third location on Gillette Avenue, Irvine, doubled their space, again, to 6,000 square feet. In March 2012, the company moved to its current 16,000 square foot space on Langley Avenue in Irvine.

A Winning Team

This growth has come out of another Pedego core value, that of supporting their Pedego dealers. From the start, Don and Terry created a company that would focus on supporting dealers as they introduce these world-class electric bicycles into their communities. Their efforts have succeeded, and today Pedego branded stores are thriving across the USA and in more than 40 countries around the world. It has a lot to do with feelings. The bikes help every rider feel like a kid again, and the Pedego support helps dealers feel like they’ve joined a big, happy family.
Indeed, just like Don and Terry, many Pedego dealers started as customers themselves. They understand what electric bikes can offer, and they love having fun. Like their dealers, Don and Terry can attest to the quality and style of all Pedego electric bikes.  “We have established Pedego as the best brand of electric bikes throughout the world,” says Don. “And we’ve done it by combining quality, service and style into awesome electric bicycles.”