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"Alternative fuel vehicles are here to stay. They’re not a trend. They’re a solution. They’re a cost solution and an environmental solution. Do the math."

Life Cycle

"It was a perfect confluence of everything we wanted to do with our lives, which is have fun at work, control our own destinies, and do something good for the world."

Why are e-bikes all the rage? Because they’re plenty of fun to ride.

"They go from couch potatoes to fun seekers who are out there breathing fresh air… It’s life-changing."

I Sing the Bike Electric

"I am out on a gorgeous day biking roads I couldn’t have biked otherwise… It’s as if some benign force in the universe is running behind me giving me a push."

Bear and Gillian in tandem on an excellent adventure

May 22, 2019

Grapevine Magazine interviews the owners of Pedego Electric Bikes Prince Edward County to find out why they started an electric bike store in this beautiful part of Ontario.

Grapevine credits a life long interest in hiking and cycling for leading Patrick ‘Bear’ Maloney and his wife Gillian to open a Pedego pop up shop during the summer of 2017, and a permanent store on the Millennium Trail the following year.

Grapevine is a lifestyle magazine featuring arts, culture, food and wine for Prince Edward County, Northumberland, Hastings, Quinte, Kingston, Ottawa and beyond.

Pedego Canada

People who haven’t ridden a bike in thirty years are trying them out and remembering what fun it was to ride a bike.
One can rent a bike for a few hours and reconnect with nature and childhood.

E-bike store opens next to rail trail

May 13, 2019

Kelowna’s main newspaper  The Daily Courier profiles Murray and Sheila Fraser from Pedego Oyama, interviewing them about why they opened an electric bike sales and rentals shop in the Okanagan Valley.

As well as talking about their backgrounds in sales and the automotive industry, Sheila and Murray talk about why it is so much fun to ride Pedegos on the Okanagan Rail Trail.


“It’s well-suited for the Okanagan Rail Trail and city riding with a comfortable ride on pavement as well as the packed gravel. It handles the hills up to Intrigue Winery and home to Middleton Mountain in Coldstream with ease — even when my panniers are loaded with groceries,”

Bobcaygeon-based e-bike business expanding to Lindsay

May 8, 2019

Kawartha Lakes This Week reports about local businesman Allen Hussey expanding his Pedego Electric Bike business to a second location.

Al, the owner of Pedego Kawartha Lakes in Bobcaygeon, Ontario, is about to open a sister store in nearby Lindsay.

Reporter Bill Hodgins describes the location as near a high-visibility intersection, and not too far from the Trans-Canada Trail entrances, heading north to Haliburton and east to Peterborough.

The reporter also notes how Al has hired well-known bike mechanic Mike Gorman to run the store.


When he heard Gorman was closing his Spokes for Folks business in Cambray, he reached out to gauge his interest in working at the Lindsay outlet. Gorman jumped on board.

For him, the chance to still work with bikes appealed, as did the three-day-a-week schedule. For Hussey, it’s having someone with the reputation and talent of Gorman at the helm that appealed.

New program to get city staff on ebikes

April 2, 2019

CBC reports from Nelson, British Columbia, that local city employees will now have the chance to buy an electric bike through work, and then gradually pay back the cost with regular deductions from their paychecks.

Nelson (coincidentally the headquarters of Pedego Electric Bikes Canada) is famous for its steep hills, beautiful scenery and highly active population. Thirty-one percent of its residents commute to work by cycling or walking.

The City of Nelson will introduce the scheme for employees this spring to encourage its staff to commute using the motor-assisted bicycles.

“Nelson is very hilly so e-bikes are an excellent option for this part of the world.”

Councillor Jesse Woodward summed up the reasons why electric bikes are so popular, as well as mentioning the lack of parking in downtown Nelson.

City planner Alex Thumm said he’s been enjoying riding his Pedego City Commuter to work even when it’s been cold outside.

“A lot of times it’s faster than driving between home and work,” Thumm told CBC’s Bob Keating.

“I love it. I feel way better. The fresh air in the morning, it wakes you up. It’s a myth that you don’t get any exercise when you’re on an electric bike. You actually do pedal.”