6 Tips for Winter Riding on Your Electric Bike


Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying your Pedego electric bike. Here are six tips for those of you who still want to have some riding fun during the winter months.

  • Layer Up

    The most obvious tip for winter riding is to make sure you’re dressed properly to bear the weather conditions. Put your layers on and don’t forget your scarf, hat, and gloves. Remember, you’ll be riding at fast speeds in windy, cold temperatures so be prepared.

  • Be Visible

    Wear bright, reflective clothing to be more visible to motorists who might otherwise not see you through their foggy windows. Make sure you have reflectors on your bike and use your headlights, taillights, and flashing lights on cloudy days.

  • Stay Hydrated

    It’s essential to stay hydrated during your winter ride. We recommended your replenish your body with a bottle of water every hour.  Although you may not feel thirsty, every time you see your breath, think of it as water leaving your body.

  • Weatherproof Your Ebike

    If you don’t have them already, we’d recommend getting fenders to help direct much of the snow, water, and ice off your bike. If you plan to ride in snow, make sure you’ve got studded tires to grip the icy surface. For a Pedego Comfort Cruiser or Pedego Interceptor, we recommend the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro Tires.

  • Be Cautious

    Look out for road debris such as broken glass, and metal parts that usually accumulates on curb areas. Watch out for areas with melted snow since these are likely places to find black ice.

  • Ride With Friends

    Not only will it help you pass the time and make your ride more enjoyable, having a bike buddy makes it more convenient should you come across an issue.

And remember, Pedego electric bikes are waterproof but it’s important to clean and maintain them, especially through the winter months when salt residue on roads can get into your chain and the metal parts of your bike and cause rust. Read our “How To Maintain Your Electric Bike Through The Winter” blog to learn more about preventing winter corrosion.

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