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Evenings and Considering Visibility When Riding Your Pedego

September 28, 2022

Long summer nights are luxurious, we know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out for a spin with dusk approaching come autumn. With proper lighting and safety considerations, anything is possible!

It’s important to be well lit while you travel on your electric bike for your safety and the safety of others. We have some great tips and products to recommend as you keep riding in early spring or late into the fall season.

Being visible starts with good lighting – on your bike and on your person.

Pedego Torch Headlight and new Torch Taillight are rechargeable and run 2 to 9 hours for optimal visibility. The front and back LED lights are visible during the day and install without tools to make it easy for you to light up. The headlight has a huge output of 1000 Lumens.

Nutcase VIO MIPS LED helmet takes visibility to the next level with lighting incorporated right into your head gear. This helmet gives you 360˚ LED lighting with 200 lumen front lights and 65 lumen side and rear lights). The VIO has a 3-hour run time.

Lumos Ultra helmet is another great option with 360˚ of LED lighting. The front sports 30 White LEDs and 64 read LEDs in the rear. Be seen by motorists from all angles.

From head to toe, have you ever considered light-up pedals? The Geo City Grip pedals with LOOK Vision Lighting offers LED safety at your feet. LOOK Vision In Lights has four LED lights with 20 hours runtime with constant, flashing and daylight modes. They are 6 to 50 lumens depending on mode used. Get these and feel flashy for sure…

Consider your clothing when attempting to be visible. It makes a huge difference!

Check out our graphic at the start of our blog that shows the difference between wearing a black cycling suit and a green one. And, when you put bright colours on your moving parts, you draw even more attention to yourself. Consider yellow shoes, for example, and get a similar effect to the LED pedals listed above.

Reflective bands are a classic. These simple straps are easy to attach with Velcro, inexpensive (organizations often give these away!) and can go anywhere on your body and your bike.

Being safe is an important part of enjoying the Pedego experience.

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