Top 10 eBike Accessories – Pedego Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the ebike lover in your life?

There are plenty of accessories that can make their ebiking experience more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe. Here are the top 10 ebike accessories for 2023 that you can buy for your loved ones this Holiday Season. From helmets and mirrors to bags and phone holders, these accessories are sure to impress your favourite ebike enthusiast.

  • ONE - Pedego Convertible Trunk Bag

    Pedego Convertible Trunk Bag: This is Pedego’s most popular bag known for its versatility and functionality. It’s padded and equipped with dividers and pockets. This bag also expands with a top that pops up and panniers that attach on each side.

  • TWO - Pedego Phone Holder

    Pedego Handlebar Mount Phone Holder

    Pedego Phone Holder: Customers love this no-nonsense yet useful accessory. Pedego’s phone holder securely attaches the phone on the handlebar of the bike. It allows the user to access navigation, music, or other apps while riding. The holder also has a 360-degree rotation feature for optimal viewing angle.

  • THREE - Thousand Helmets

    Thousand Helmets available at Pedego Dealers in Canada

    Thousand helmets: Pedego loves this brand too! Thousand helmets are stylish and comfortable with colours and sizes for everyone. They will also keep ebike riders safe with their MIPS capabilities. Thousand also puts a secret pop lock that allows the user to lock the helmet with the bike. We carry this helmet at most of our Pedego stores.

  • FOUR - Pedego Handlebar Mirrors

    Pedego Handlebar Mirrors: Mirrors are a must-have for safety. Our adjustable mirrors attach to the handlebar of the bike. They provide a clear view of the rear traffic and increase the safety of the rider. They are easy to install and remove. This gift is a simple way to say you care.

  • FIVE - Kinekt Suspension Seatpost

    Kinekt Suspension Seat Post available at Pedego Dealers in Canada

    Kinekt Suspension Seatpost: Help that person on your list enjoy unparalleled comfort and smooth rides with the Kinekt suspension seatpost. It absorbs shocks and vibrations which also reduces fatigue and soreness for the rider. (We also like the Thudbuster.)

  • SIX - Pedego Folding Lock

    Pedego Folding Lock: Pedego riders love this lock for both its convenience and security. It is made of hardened steel and has a high-security cylinder. It comes with a mounting bracket that attaches to the bike frame.

  • SEVEN - Axicom Trunk Bag

    Axiom Oceanwave trunk Bag available at Pedego Dealers in Canada

    Axiom Oceanwave trunk bag: This rear trunk bag has a sleek yet spacious design and water-resistant construction. It effortlessly combines style and durability, providing cyclists with a reliable and stylish solution for carrying essentials on their adventures. It has multiple compartments, reflective strips, and a rain cover. It is ideal for commuting, touring, or shopping.

  • EIGHT - Looney Bin Drink Holder

    Looney Bin Adjustable Drink Holder: Water bottles come in so many different sizes it’s enough to drive a cyclist loony. Pedego offers the ultimate water bottle holder that easily adjusts to your needs.

  • NINE - Thule Hitch Bike Rack

    Thule Epos Hitch Bike Rack

    Thule Hitch Bike Rack: A bike rack for your car allows your adventurer to explore new places with ease. We like the Thule Epos 2 bike rack. This is a premium, high-load capacity rack that can carry up to two ebikes weighing 70 lbs each. An innovative telescopic attachment system helps you mount your bikes. It accommodates fat tires and a long bike frame. This rack is foldable and is easy to install and use, and it offers great security and stability for your bikes. The Thule Epos 2 bike rack is a game changer.

  • NINE - Pedego Torch Headlight

    Pedego Torch Headlight

    Pedego Torch Headlight: This is a powerful and bright LED light that mounts on the front of the bike. It has three modes: high, low, and flashing. It helps the user to see and be seen in low-light conditions. It also has a USB port that can charge the phone or other devices. It is compatible with most Pedego models and comes with a quick-release bracket.

Visit a Pedego store in Canada today to buy our favourite accessories for the ebike lover in your life.