Cycling is for Everyone! Why a Boomerang is Pedego’s Most Accessible Bike!

May 26, 2023

Cycling is for everyone, not just people who are in prime shape. That’s one of the reasons why ebikes exist – to give people a boost.

But what happens when getting on and off a bike also presents a problem for pedalers?

The Pedego Boomerang is the most accessible ebike on the market today! Why??

It’s got an ultra-low step-thru frame that’s only nine inches off the ground. That means if you struggle with lifting your legs to mount a bike, you only have a short distance to achieve success!

Once you are on the bike, it’s comfortable design continues to support your body. A cruiser-style saddle gives support for problem hips and the swept back and highly adjustable handlebars mean you don’t have to reach uncomfortably forward to get the grips.

Now that you are on board, you can experience the power, range, and durability you expect from a Pedego. You can go fast and cruise far.

Cycling is a great low-impact workout, especially for arthritis as the full range of motion encourages the production of synovial fluid. For people waiting for hip and knee surgery, it’s often easier to bike than it is to walk.

On top of the practical reasons to get a Boomerang, it also looks amazing. The frame has a pronounced swoop curving around the front tire for a dramatic look. It comes in both 24” and 26” frame style with your choice of spoked or mag wheels for an even more striking look. Best of all, the Boomerang comes in six fantastic colour choices including red and mineral blue.

Learn more about the Pedego Boomerang! We know you will love it! Click here…

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