Electric Bikes Growing Alternative to Commuting in Age of Rising Gas Prices

April 21. 2022

Gas prices across Canada reached record highs this spring with some stations selling at more than $2 per litre making the cost to fill an average 40-litre tank almost to $80. Prices have gotten so high, that our governing officials are looking into ways to provide relief to motorists. 

At Pedego Canada, we have a two-wheeled solution to the cost-prohibitive operation of gas-powered vehicles. Commuters can “fill up” their electric bike for about 10 cents a day! Parking fees, insurance costs, maintenance needs, and the depreciation of your car are further hits to your wallet.  

Add to this a recognition we need to curb our appetite for fossil fuels, electric bikes are the choice for conscious travel.  

Remi Gagnon owns Pedego stores in Montebello, QC and Ottawa, Ontario. He’s seen more and more customers embracing electric bikes for their commute to work, beating the traffic, reducing fuel costs and green house gasses and arriving without having broken a sweat.  

“The Pedego bike is a wonderful mode of transportation. You get all the advantage of the bike and remove most if not all the inconvenience. You can jump on the bike wearing what you’re wearing – adding a helmet – your jeans, a dress or even a tie,” he says. “I don’t like driving in the city, and I hate traffic, so I find it particularly satisfying to zip across the bridges between Ottawa and Gatineau on my Pedego.   

  • Average cost to fill a car – $80 VS Average cost to fill a battery – $0.10 
  • Average cost of gas per litre – $1.76 VS Average cost of electricity per day – $0.20 
  • Average annual car CO2 emissions – 4600 kg VS Average annual bike CO2 emissions – 0.0001 kg 
  • Traffic Jam? VS Hello Fun! 

Of course, electric bikes are still fun to ride! So, even riders using one for recreation are going to get a lot of value out of their bike.  

Considering the cost-savings of a Pedego Canada electric bike over a gas-guzzler? Browse our many colours and styles of electric bikes or find a local Pedego dealer