Myth Busting about Bike Lanes

September 6. 2023

Myth Busting about bike lanes

Bike lanes are not the ONLY place a cyclist can ride.

Cycling safe is of utmost importance and that means knowing how to navigate through traffic – even if you ride on the bike lanes most often.

A bike can be in the car lane, but a car can never be in a bike lane. It may seem unfair to motorists who lament needing to watch out for cyclists but sometimes, a bike does belong in your lane!

Whatever path you take, making your intentions clear is critical.

Why is that bicyclist in my lane?

  1. To avoid glass or other dangerous debris on the shoulder or in the bike lane.
  2. To avoid the door zone of parked cars.
  3. To prepare for a left turn, moving over one lane at a time instead of across multiple lanes (whole road) at once.
  4. They are traveling at or near the same speed as other traffic.
  5. To give you more time and distance to prepare to slow or pass safely.
  6. To improve the cyclist’s vantage and safety margin to hazards ahead, especially when pulling up to an intersection.
  7. Riding on the sidewalk is impractical, unsafe, and unlawful.
  8. Bikes may use the full lane, just like you.
  9. It’s the safest place to be and the cyclist has a legal right to be there.

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