Top 6 ways a Pedego makes for a sustainable lifestyle

March 30, 2023

Sustainable lifestyle with a Pedego Electric Bike

Ebikes have made it so much easier to ditch our cars for the good of the planet. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the number one way we can slow climate change, but we still need to transport ourselves from A to B.

A Pedego electric bike is an environmentally friendly way to commute to work, run errands, bike to your grandchildren’s house, explore your region and so on. Here are six reasons riding a Pedego makes for a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Powered by electricity

    Powered by electricity, your Pedego doesn’t need fossil fuels to move you from A to B. A traditional bike has always been viewed as a green solution, but did you know that ebikes actually have a greater capacity to reduce our reliance on automobiles? Because an ebike gives a person the power to ride further with less effort, commuters are more likely to hop on two wheels if it’s electrified leaving the car in the garage. 

  • Longevity

    Pedego has an industry leading five-year warranty on parts and components; a five-year prorated battery warranty; and a lifetime frame warranty. Your Pedego is durable, built to last and if needed, will be repaired by your local Pedego bike mechanic. Why does this equate to sustainability? Products that aren’t well built often end up in the landfill needing to be replaced. Pedego also believes everyone should try their bike before they buy it. “Try before you buy” leads to greater riding success for the new owner. When you buy a bike that doesn’t fit you, it also ends up cast aside. Creating consumer goods takes resources so let’s get it right in the first place. 

  • reduces air pollution

    Your Pedego ebike reduces air pollution. We have seen reports that riding a bike to work instead of driving will lower your greenhouse gas emissions by about 3,000 lbs per year. This benefits you, your community, and the planet. Ebikes over automobiles also means less noise pollution as well. Pollution is a detriment to human health. 

  • Space

    Ebikes take up less space, need less infrastructure, and create more cohesive communities! Everyone’s seen the social media memes comparing fetching a to-go coffee by bike vs by car. On the one hand you have a long line of idling autos waiting for the drive-thru window and on the other a crowd of smiling people sitting at café tables bikes easily parked to the side. In Utrecht, the Netherlands, a bike park below a train station can accommodate more than 12,000 bikes. Imagine if that were 12,000 cars being parked. Pedego ebikes leave more room for green space.  

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Pedego stores are locally owned and operated because we believe in you! Shopping close to home instead of online means that you are supporting the local economy which makes for more resilient communities. It connects us and reduces our carbon footprint. 

  • Recycling

    When your ebike and battery reach their end of life, Pedego Canada is here to help you safely dispose of your product. Pedego Canada is part of Canada’s Call2Recycle® electric bike battery collection and recycling program to facilitate the safe collection, handling, transportation, and recycling of our batteries. Recycling batteries keeps harmful materials out of the landfill and supports material circularitythe best source of lithium is from recycling batteries already out there. 

Learn more about Pedego Canada’s Call2Recycle participation and connect with your local Pedego store.