Bring a Passenger on your Pedego Moto – Consider Safety for Fun Experience

April 15, 2024

Pedego Moto Duel Sport Ebike in Canada

The Pedego Moto is a fun bike that allows for double riding with its bench-style saddle designed for two adult riders. And, every e-bike ride holds a story, whether it’s with a friend, child, or a curious neighbour – let’s just make sure that story doesn’t end with a trip to the emergency room.

Let’s explore Pedego Moto passenger safety!

Riding an e-bike with a passenger on board requires additional safety precautions and responsibility. A little extra effort is essential to ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

Here are Pedego Canada’s top ten safety considerations for bringing a passenger along on your Pedego Moto ebike!

1. Wear Helmets:

Both the pedaller and the passenger should wear approved bicycle helmets. Please don’t lend your friend yours and think you are doing the right thing. Consider owning a spare which you can lend if you plan to invite a passenger often. Helmets significantly reduce the risk of head injuries in case of accidents. Also, they are the law in most jurisdictions in Canada. It’s a no brainer!

2. Know Your Bike & Controls:

Understand how to operate the Pedego Moto effectively. Familiarize yourself with the throttle, brakes, and assist modes. You should be a smooth operator before you offer rides on your new ebike to anyone else. We know you are excited but take the time to learn your bike for best Pedego Moto passenger safety.

3. Train Your Passenger:

Give your passenger a quick rundown about your Moto if this is their first ride with you so they know what to expect. You can also go over some doubling basics with them.

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of crashes when doubling is when the passenger changes their body position (i.e. sticking their head out to look where they are going) without the driver knowing. The driver adjusts to counter, the passenger moves again, and wobbles begin to develop. As your passenger to keep their body and head in line with you, and to avoid making unnecessary sudden movements.

4. Communication & Coordination:

Keep that communication going to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for both riders.

Establish clear hand signals for turns, stops, and lane changes. These let other users on the roads or trails know what your plans are, but they also indicate your plans with your passenger. Use cues to indicate acceleration, braking, and shifting. Point out obstacles like potholes, speed bumps, or debris. “Uneven surface ahead!” Keep communication concise and clear. Some riders enjoy Bluetooth connection through Senna helmets or other gear to communicate at a normal volume and be heard over wind, waves, or traffic.

Don’t forget about enjoyment and encouragement because positive communication enhances the ride. Share the experience. “Isn’t this fun?” or “Beautiful view, right?” You can do a comfort check. Ask your passenger “How are you doing back there?” Adjust your riding style based on their feedback, especially if you want them to join you again one day. Encourage your passenger, especially if they were nervous to join you: “You’re doing great!”

5. Safe Speeds:

You should always ride at a controlled speed, avoiding sudden accelerations or abrupt stops. This becomes even more important when you ride with a passenger.

Ebikes can reach higher speeds than traditional bicycles and as you ride faster, your braking distance increases. With a passenger, the braking force required is even greater. Riding at a controlled speed allows you to stop safely without endangering both yourself and your companion. Be cautious on downhill slopes – use brakes judiciously.

A controlled speed allows both you and your companion to enjoy the ride without unnecessary stress.

6. Balance & Weight Distribution:

When you have a passenger, the bike’s weight distribution changes. The added weight affects stability and balance so distribute weight evenly between the pedaller, the passenger, and any load you may have. Practice mounting and dismounting with a companion to ensure stability.

If possible, putting the smallest person on the back works best. It’s about the physics….

7. Smooth Riding Techniques:

With the change of balance and distribution comes different handling of your Pedego Moto, especially on turns. Understand how your ebike responds to different speeds and angles so you can adjust your weight distribution and lean accordingly based on your bike’s behaviour. Lean into turns smoothly, don’t over-lean, and ask your passenger to do the same.

As well, approach a turn at a comfortable speed and avoid using the throttle or pedal assist until you are through. Gradually accelerate and decelerate to prevent jerky movements.

8. Hold on Tight:

Your passenger should hold on to the sides of Pedego Moto’s bench seat with a firm grip to steady themselves and maintain balance. Suggest that they keep their elbows close to their body to help prevent their arms from flailing and ensures a more stable ride.

9. Footwear & Stability:

You already know to ensure you have secure footwear – but does your passenger? Let them know what to wear in advance. Shoelaces in the pedals are a hazard, for example. Avoid flip-flops or sandals that could easily fall off or get caught.

Your Pedego Moto passenger should also keep their feet in place on the provided holds to ensure better stability during the ride. In unexpected situations (such as sudden stops or swerves), having feet on the holds allows the passenger to brace themselves. It prevents their legs from dangling, reducing the risk of injury.

As well, keeping feet on the holds prevents accidental contact with moving components like pedals, chains, and wheels, minimizing the risk of entanglement or injury. Proper foot placement adds to comfort and enjoyment by preventing strain on the passenger’s legs.

10. Maintenance for Two Riders

Maintaining your ebike is an important step for safe riding. It’s even more important with two riders for Pedego Moto passenger safety. Remember to do a before-ride safety check with extra focus on your brakes and tire pressure.

Learn more safety tips for ebike riding from Pedego Canada.

Pedego Moto Passenger Safety

Remember that riding with a passenger affects balance, handling, and braking. Take turns slowly, communicate effectively, and prioritize safety. Enjoy the shared adventure on your Pedego Moto! Contact a Pedego Dealer near you to arrange a test ride or learn more!