Discover the Pedego Fat Tire Trike – New Ebike Released!

April 15, 2024

The Pedego Fat Tire Trike isn’t just about cycling; it’s about empowerment, freedom, and inclusivity. Whether you’re seeking stability, recovering, or simply craving the joy of riding, this e-trike welcomes all riders with open wheels. Discover Pedego Fat Tire Trike!

Who might benefit from such a supportive, easy ride? 

  • Senior Rides: Seniors seeking safe and accessible outdoor activities will find the low step-thru design and stable ride ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • Rehabilitation Therapy: Individuals in physical therapy can use the Pedego Fat Tire Trike as a form of low-impact exercise, aiding in recovery and mobility.
  • Retirees and Empty Nesters: After years of hard work, retirees seek leisurely adventures. The Pedego Fat Tire Trike offers stability, comfort, and a chance to explore local parks, visit friends, or simply enjoy the breeze.
  • Arthritis and Joint Health: The trike’s comfortable seating position and smooth ride make it an excellent choice for those with arthritis or joint issues. The fat tires absorb shocks, reducing impact on joints during rides.
  • Balance and Stability Challenges: Seniors or individuals with balance concerns find the Pedego Fat Tire Trike reassuring. The three fat tires provide remarkable stability, allowing riders to confidently explore without worrying about tipping over.
  • Neurological Conditions: A neurological condition can come with balance and physical limitations. The trike’s electric assist feature means people with chronic pain, muscle weakness, or fatigue can cycle comfortably without excessive exertion. It’s a gentle way to engage in physical activity and maintain cardiovascular health without having to worry about steadiness.
  • Stability for Beginners: Are you an adult who never got the chance to learn to ride a bike? That’s okay! It’s never too late no matter what your age. Learning to balance on two wheels can be intimidating – kids don’t have the same fear! The Pedego Fat Tire Trike’s stable three wheels and the low, step-thru design make it an excellent starting point for those new to cycling. No wobbles, just confidence!
  • Commercial Case: Do you have a business where you make many short trips between building sites or around your community carrying supplies, packages, or gear? The Pedego Fat Tire Trike has a durable design and offers 64 L of total storage space making it a great utility vehicle. Consider the etrike as a maintenance vehicle, a warehouse mover, or a delivery vehicle that allows you to be more efficient on fuel and time.
Pedego Fat Tire Trike in Canada

Smooth and Steady: Pedego Fat Tire Trike – Ride Without Limits

Let’s explore the Pedego Fat Tire Trike further! We’ve imagined 16 charming scenarios where this versatile electric trike becomes your trusty companion:

  1. Market Day Marvel: Picture yourself at the local farmer’s market, baskets brimming with fresh produce. The trike’s spacious cargo section effortlessly carries your bounty – from heirloom tomatoes to artisanal cheeses. Pedal home, feeling like a modern-day market hero.
  2. Beach Cruiser Extraordinaire: Sandy shores beckon, and the trike answers the call. Fat tires glide over dunes, and the low step-thru design lets you hop on and off with ease as you explore. Load up your beach umbrella, picnic blanket, and a cooler – you’re the envy of sunseekers.
  3. Picnic in the Park: Pack a gourmet spread – crusty baguettes, charcuterie, and a bottle of bubbly. The trike’s comfy seat invites leisurely pedaling through the park. Find a sunny spot, unfold your picnic blanket, and savor the simple pleasures.
  4. Community Explorer: Navigating your neighbourhood? Commuters, retirees, and eco-conscious adventurers alike choose the Fat Tire Trike for zipping around town. Rely on the trike for all your errand needs, reducing your carbon footprint one ride at a time.
  5. Pet Taxi: Fido deserves fresh air too! Strap a pet carrier to the cargo section, and off you go. The Fat Tire Trike’s stability ensures a smooth ride, and your furry friend enjoys the breeze. Paws up for eco-friendly pet transport!
  6. Gardener’s Delight: Green thumbs, rejoice! Load gardening tools, seedlings, and bags of soil. The Fat Tire Trike gets you to the garden centre and back. Your garden blooms, and so does your heart.
  7. Small Business Promoters: Local entrepreneurs use the trike for deliveries. Fresh produce, artisanal goods, or even flowers – it’s an eco-friendly delivery van. Local shop owners use the Pedego Fat Tire Trike for pop-up events. Load handmade crafts, flyers, and a smile. Pedal to the town square – business blooms.
  8. Library Hauler: Bookworms unite! Imagine cycling to the library, the cargo section stacked with novels, mysteries, and cookbooks. The trike’s whisper-quiet motor ensures a peaceful ride home, lost in literary worlds.
  9. Festival Fanatics: Music festivals, food truck rallies, and art fairs – the Pedego Fat Tire Trike navigates crowds with ease. Load festival swag, dance moves, and a dash of whimsy.
  10. Lakeside Loungers: Lakeshores beckon. The trike carries fishing gear, a thermos of coffee, and a sense of tranquility. Cast lines, watch ripples, and let worries float away.
  11. Coffee Cruise: Swap four wheels for three and pedal to your favorite café. Leave your car at home more often with this alternative. The Pedego Fat Tire Trike parks effortlessly, and you sip your latte, feeling smug about skipping traffic jam woes. Bonus points if you balance a croissant on the handlebars.
  12. Photography Expedition: Aspiring photographers, assemble! Load your camera gear, tripod, and a thermos of coffee. The trike’s stability lets you focus on framing that perfect shot. Capture sunsets, street art, and quirky alleyways.
  13. Grandkids’ Adventure Wagon: Grandma and Grandpa, grab the little ones! The Pedego Fat Tire Trike becomes a magical adventure wagon. Stash snacks, toys, and a treasure map (imaginary, of course). Pedal to the park, where swings soar higher, and laughter echoes. Bonus: You’ll be the coolest grandparent at the playground.
  14. Neighbourhood Block Parties: Be the life of the party, bringing games and refreshments in the Pedego Fat Tire Trike’s cargo bucket for everyone to enjoy.
  15. Winter Wonderland Rides: Brave the snow-covered paths, trusting the trike’s fat tires to provide a stable and smooth ride through a winter wonderland.
  16. Community Volunteering: Deliver meals and supplies to community members, utilizing the trike’s cargo capacity for efficient transportation.

So, whether you’re a beachcomber, a community connector, a book lover, or a gardening enthusiast, the Pedego Fat Tire Trike invites you to ride without limits – one delightful scenario at a time!

Pedego Fat Tire Trike in Canada

Discover Pedego Fat Tire Trike

The Pedego Fat Tire Trike is new on the market in North America and Canadians are already excited about the opportunities this electric trike provides. Let’s hear from one 65-year-old who just purchased their first new bike in almost a quarter of a century. What captured their interest?

I’m not entirely confident on a bike but more and more of my friends are cycling in their retirement. I am active but I had an early stroke that left me with occasional numbness in my leg. I felt like this was a roadblock and then I learned about the new Pedego Fat Tire Trike. I test rode it and instantly knew this would change my life. It has!

These are its features that I adore:

Stability: The three fat tires provide remarkable stability, making it easier to balance and ride confidently. No more worries I might wobble or feel unsteady! The “I can’t do it voice” is silenced.

Low Step-Thru Design: The low step-thru frame ensures it’s a breeze to mount and dismount. I don’t ever struggle to swing my leg over the saddle. When I test rode my trike, this simple design made me instantly feel like I was at home.

Comfort: The comfort saddle with an adjustable backrest is a dream. The ergonomic design ensures maximum support for my back. My friends who ride with “regular” seats are jealous that I can ride in style without sacrificing comfort.

Electric Assistance: Having a motor and battery mean I don’t have to be concerned about my energy level. I’ll have an extra boost whenever needed. The different riding modes are great too! I use torque mode when I need to keep up and want to have powerful pedal strokes. I use cruise mode when it’s late afternoon and I am just out for fresh air.

Throttle Override: The throttle override lets me throttle up to full speed, providing maximum riding power. If I need that extra push, it’s there. I use it for a boost through intersections or to get my trike going on a low energy day.

Cargo Space: The cargo bucket right behind me is both a blessing and a curse. Just because you do have space, doesn’t mean you need to throw in all the extras every time. But for sure, I can load it up with groceries, picnic supplies, or anything else I need. The bucket is deep and low enough I don’t have to strain with heavy bags.

Visibility: I am a safety-first person. Because my trike is electric, lights are integrated! The handlebar-mounted headlight ensures optimal visibility, even during twilight rides. Yes, I am that person who still puts on extra-visible clothes for dark.

Colour Display: I love the vibrant colour LCD display – it’s like having a mini dashboard. This is where I switch drive modes, track my battery and kilometres, and adjust settings. It’s easy to use and I don’t have any problems with the technology. For once, my grandkids don’t have to help me!

Fun Factor: Let’s face it – I feel like a kid again! Now that I have my fat tire trike, I can’t believe it took me so long to get back on a bike again. It’s hard to express how I feel when I hop on and pedal out of my driveway. Saying I feel a sense of freedom seems like such a cliche but it’s true. I love it.

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