Platinum Pedego Element Absolute Fun for Ultimate Value

March 10. 2023

Pedego Element Platinum Edition - Pedego Canada

Every once in a while, that perfect little something comes along that makes you feel fantastic. When that little something comes as the Pedego Platinum Element, the fantastic feeling is all about fun.

The ultimate version of Pedego’s most affordable and fun bike is here.

Upgraded Features, Uncompromised Fun

The Pedego Element has always been an absolute pleasure to ride. Its full 20-inch fat tires give you an extra stable and smooth grip on any road, trail and beyond. Our platinum version comes with high-end components and all the extras you’ve been asking for – ten gears, front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and a sport LED headlight are just some of the features you’ll love.

The Platinum Element is a versatile bike, popular among young-at-heart riders because of its fun riding style, slightly smaller size, and accessible price point.

This ebike takes you anywhere! Ride through crowded streets. Dodge that pothole, or don’t. Pedal confidently to the office and arrive with a smile on your face. Then, come Friday, throw your easy-to-fit Platinum Element into the back of your pick-up truck and head to the cabin. Weekend warriors ride this ebike on trails, beach or dirt roads.

Should you wish to ride all winter long, the Platinum Element is a great bike for you. Fat tires (either on their own or easily adapted with chains) help you maneuver through the ice and snow.

Time and time again, we hear from people excited about their recent ride on an Element. The are hooked on the feeling.

Get yourself a little something. You know you want to!

Shop the Platinum Element now…