Do You Remember The Feeling Of Your First Bike?

December 7, 2018

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Do you remember the feeling of receiving your first-ever bicycle? Perhaps it was red CCM with a basket and streamers that hung from the ends of the handlebars. Or a silver BMX with training wheels. Or a brightly-coloured cruiser with a saddle under which sat three large metal springs that acted as your shock absorbers. Whatever it was, no doubt you were ecstatic. There it leaned on its kickstand, beside the Christmas tree, with a big red bow on it, just begging to be sat upon. Or maybe your parents covered your eyes and, with your birthday party guests in tow, lead you outside where your new bicycle was unveiled.

We all know it was so much more than a simple bicycle, though. It was freedom. It was speed. It was exploration. Until that point we had been limited by our own two legs: sure we could run; but now we could fly. A bike was a magic steed that shrank distances. It expanded horizons. It took us around the corner, down the block, and showed us the world.

We all know it was so much more than a simple bicycle, though. It was freedom. It was speed. It was exploration.

Recently we here at Pedego Canada regaled one another with stories of our first bikes. Vince’s was a bright yellow cruiser with ape hanger handlebars and a black banana seat. Of course it was nicknamed “The Banana.” But throughout its years of service, The Banana was a spaceship, a time machine and the Batmobile. Having grown up in rural Manitoba, he had to travel kilometres on dirt roads to visit friends, but with a bicycle the ride to visit them was always an adventure that included mandatory stops at the bridge over the creek to hunt for frogs and crayfish.

Mike, the owner of Pedego Canada, remembers receiving his older sister’s bike as a hand-me-down. It was a cool-looking cruiser that allowed him to explore his neighbourhood on the North Island of New Zealand where he grew up. Leith’s was also a hand-me-down from her older sister: an Indi 500 with a green banana seat and training wheels. Later, she and her middle sister got new bikes for Christmas. “They were newer with comfy seats like a Pedego,” Leith says, “but we were jealous of our elder sister who got to keep the Indi 500. It was a great bike.” Meanwhile, Jenna’s first bike was a pink BMX with mushroom grips and the handlebars that she rode so often, she got blisters on her hands!

They’ll get on the seat, push off, turn the pedals, twist the throttle and zoom right back to the past.

The reason we love our job so much here at Pedego Canada is because we get to reintroduce that feeling of riding a bicycle to people every day. Electric bikes are the perfect way for those of an older generation to once again appreciate just how much fun it is to ride a bike. And their smiles are our proof.

So often we’re warned by those who are about to test ride a Pedego that they haven’t ridden a bike since they were a child. “It’s okay,” we reply with almost parent-like encouragement, “Trust us. This is going to be enjoyable.” Then, they’ll get on the seat, push off, turn the pedals, twist the throttle and zoom right back to the past. Suddenly they’re a five year old again with strong legs, flexible knees and an infectious sense of adventure. They’re laughing and hooting and remembering the feeling of their first-ever bike ride.

Do you remember that feeling?

We want to hear from you about the first bicycle you ever owned. What colour was it? Did it have a nickname? Maybe you even have a photograph of it that you’d like to share? If so, share the details below or visit our Photo Submit Page. We look forward to hearing all your stories.

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