Review of the Boomerang Plus Electric Bike


Electric Bike Action magazine has just done one of the most thorough reviews we’ve ever seen of the Pedego Boomerang Plus step-through electric bike. Under the heading of “A New Definition for an Electric Lowrider” the author writes, “with a single downtube and no top tube at all, the aluminum-framed design is really unique…this bike is ideal for anyone who has trouble mounting a regular or even low step-through frame. It’s very comfortable to ride and easy to get moving. ”

The article appeared in the latest issue of Electric Bike Action, a magazine published by Hi-Torque Publishing based in Valencia, California, which covers the growing sport and industry of electric bicycles. It dedicates six pages to extensively reviewing every aspect of the Boomerang Plus from its seat (“there’s more cushion between the saddle and the seatpost than just about any other bike we’ve ever ridden”) to its powerful motor (“taking off on the bike is exhilarating...not neck-snapping acceleration, but it does have a lot of torque.”) It also mentions the “beefy rear rack (that) protects the battery and provides a great place to attach bags and books.”

The reason we really like the review is because it’s honest. For example, although the reviewer loved the cushioned ride and powerful motor, they took issue with the handlebars saying they were angled back too much. In that case it’s really a matter of personal preference and the reviewer does go on to say it’s easy to swap out handlebars. They also say it’s worth opting in for the higher-capacity battery – something we completely concur with because although it’s not a lot of additional cost, the extra range is definitely worth it.

The story goes on to describe the unique frame of the Boomerang Plus: ” The frame, for the deep-bend single tube, is surprsingly stiff. Made of aluminum, it should be, but it has plenty of engineering that makes sure of that. A single tube bent to this shape would likely flex or twist a lot more , and the gussets work wonders. The stiffness is confidence-inspiring.”

Electric Bike Action magazine finishes the article with the following verdict: “The Boomerang Plus is a thrilling bike to ride with a powerful torquey motor. It is set up for easy mounting and looks great. The ride is comfortable…the mag wheels look fantastic and give it a different look from other bikes on the road.”

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