Discover the Pedego Cargo – New Ebike Released! 

April 18, 2024

Versatile, Efficient, Fun! The Pedego Cargo Ebike: Your Ultimate Utility Vehicle

Introducing the Pedego Cargo Ebike! Cargo e-bikes are leading the electric bike renaissance, and Pedego has a history of executing these bikes with excellence.

The Pedego Stretch was introduced in 2015 as a one-of-a-kind cargo bike that delivers THE goods. The Pedego Cargo takes the classic Stretch to the next level making it the ultimate utility vehicle to ease you into the post-carbon era. It’s a versatile and powerful bike.

The Cargo’s hot new features include a wood package with folding footplates. Crafted from durable wood and enhanced with grip tape, these plates provide a secure foothold for a second rider while ensuring stability and comfort. Simply fold them up when not in use, allowing for seamless solo rides.

Vibrant colour LCD display and audible turn signals. Easily switch drive modes for tailored torque and cruise control. Track performance with power meter and graph, trip, and odometer functions. Choose from three performance modes and adjust settings to your liking.

Two kickstand options offer more stability. With both a single side and center double leg kickstand, the Cargo ensures effortless parking, providing stability and convenience whether you’re loading groceries or taking a coffee break.

Key Features:

  • Extended Range: With its 48V battery, the Pedego Cargo takes you up to 20% farther than other ebikes. No more range anxiety—just pure freedom.
  • Customizable: Tailor your ride to your needs. The Pedego Cargo comes with purpose-built accessories and a wide range of after-market options. It’s like having a Swiss army knife on wheels.
  • Safety First: The Pedego Cargo is SGS Certified to UL 2849 standards, ensuring rigorous testing of every electric component. Plus, resin potting adds an extra layer of protection to the battery.
  • Versatility: From groceries to gear, the spacious cargo area can handle it all. Say goodbye to car trips for short errands — the Pedego Cargo is your new go-to.

Regular Life is an Adventure with the Pedego Cargo Ebike

Why is the Pedego Cargo ebike the next best vehicle for your household or business? The benefits of cargo ebikes include promoting sustainability, efficiency, and an active lifestyle. Here are eight of the top reasons people are investing in a cargo ebike for their operations:

1. Cost Savings: Cargo ebikes can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional delivery methods or commuting options. A cargo ebike can help a family save money on fuel, parking, or public transport fees, as well as time on traffic jams or waiting for buses or trains. A cargo ebike can also be cheaper than buying a car or a van and require less maintenance and insurance costs.

By replacing a car with an electric bicycle, you could save up to $8,000 annually. This includes reduced fuel costs, maintenance expenses, and insurance fees associated with car ownership. Read more about how owning an ebike helps beat inflation.

2. Environmental Benefits: Cargo ebikes are more environmentally friendly than traditional vehicles that run on fossil fuels. Using an ebike for transportation or delivery can contribute to a reduction in air pollution and carbon emissions, promoting a more sustainable mode of transportation.

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A study conducted in Portland, Oregon, found that a 15 per cent ebike mode share could result in a 12 per cent reduction in transportation CO2 emissions, with an average CO2 savings of 225 kg per ebike per year. Ebikes have a much lower carbon footprint compared to cars.

3. Urban Mobility: In congested urban areas, cargo ebikes offer a practical solution for navigating through traffic and reaching destinations quickly. Cargo ebikes can access areas that may be challenging for larger vehicles, providing greater flexibility. They can navigate through narrow streets and access bike lanes and paths, providing a more efficient means of transportation, especially during peak hours.

4. Transporting Children: Cargo ebikes allow parents to safely transport their children. Running errands with children, such as grocery shopping or picking up supplies, becomes possible with a cargo ebike. The added cargo space allows parents to carry groceries, backpacks, and other essentials without the need for a car.

5. Active Lifestyle/Health and Well-being: It’s a more active and engaging form of transportation compared to sitting in a vehicle. Riding a cargo ebike provides an opportunity for parents to engage in physical activity while spending time with their children. It promotes a more active and healthier lifestyle for both parents and kids.

6. Promoting Independence: Modeling bike riding demonstrates the importance of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Children are more likely to adopt active habits when they see their parents engaging in regular exercise, promoting a positive attitude toward fitness. By choosing to ride bikes instead of using cars for short trips, parents can instill in their children a sense of environmental responsibility and awareness of sustainable transportation choices.

7. Community Connection: E-bikes encourage interaction with the local community. You’ll notice more details, meet neighbors, and experience your surroundings in a new way.

8. Fun and Adventure: E-bikes offer a sense of freedom and adventure. Explore your city, discover hidden gems, and enjoy the journey. Your life will be enriched beyond all expectation by ditching your car for the Pedego Cargo Ebike.

Join the ebike revolution and elevate your family’s transportation experience!

Pedego Cargo Ebike parked outside home with garage door open

Imagine a Lifestyle with the New Pedego Cargo!

Get ready to redefine your daily journey with the Pedego Cargo ebike—a powerful electric bike that seamlessly blends innovation, comfort, and sustainability.

Beyond its impressive resource-saving capabilities, this two-wheeled wonder enriches your lifestyle in unexpected ways. Imagine weaving through city streets, effortlessly carrying groceries, connecting with your community, and embracing the thrill of exploration—all while leaving a smaller ecological footprint.

Let’s delve into the exciting world of the Pedego Cargo ebike!

Here are 15 potential uses for Pedego’s utility powerhouse. These use cases leverage the ebike’s cost-effectiveness, environmental benefits, urban mobility, and promotion of an active lifestyle.

  1. Local Deliveries: Utilize the ebike for delivering small packages or food within the city, reducing delivery times and costs.
  2. Commuting to Work: Replace car or public transport with an ebike for daily commutes, saving on fuel and parking expenses.
  3. Grocery Shopping: Carry groceries and shopping bags using the cargo space, avoiding the need for a car.
  4. School Runs: Safely transport children to and from school, incorporating physical activity into the daily routine.
  5. Business Operations: Small businesses can use the ebike for quick and efficient transport of goods and services.
  6. Urban Courier Services: Offer courier services in congested urban areas where ebikes can navigate more easily than cars.
  7. Family Outings: Enjoy family trips and outings with the ability to carry picnic supplies and children’s items.
  8. Mobile Workshops: Professionals like handymen or technicians can carry tools and equipment for on-site services.
  9. Community Services: Use by community organizations for transport of supplies and assistance in local events or initiatives.
  10. Sustainable Tourism: Rental services for tourists to explore cities in an eco-friendly and engaging manner.
  11. Mobile Pop-Up Shops: Entrepreneurs and artisans can transform their cargo ebikes into mobile pop-up shops. Sell handmade goods, fresh produce, or unique merchandise at local events or street corners.
  12. Eco-Friendly Food Delivery: Restaurants and cafes can use cargo ebikes for food delivery. It’s not only environmentally friendly but also allows access to areas where cars might struggle.
  13. Campus Transportation: Universities and colleges can provide cargo ebikes for students and staff to move between buildings, libraries, and dorms. It’s a sustainable alternative to campus shuttles.
  14. Photography Expeditions: Photographers can carry camera gear, tripods, and props on cargo ebikes. Explore scenic spots, capture stunning images, and enjoy the freedom of two wheels.
  15. Mobile Advertising: Turn cargo ebikes into moving billboards. Advertise local businesses, events, or social causes while riding through busy streets. It’s eye-catching and cost-effective.

Are you ready to learn specifics about the Pedego Cargo Ebike? Let’s go!