Beat Inflation by Owning a Pedego Ebike

January 18, 2023

You may have noticed; things seem to be getting more expensive these days. So often lately, we hear about the costs of inflation – grocery affordability, rising gas prices, interest rates, etc… It’s enough to get us worried about our pocketbooks. Well, Pedego Canada has a hot tip to help you bust the bank account blues. Own an ebike!

Let’s get practical here… Learn why owning a Pedego is a NO BRAINER!

Gas prices are a number one driver of inflation. The first way to cut your monthly budget is to reduce the amount you’re driving your car. Record high gas prices mean most of us are paying at least $80 to fuel up. In comparison, it costs 10 cents to charge up your battery! Parking fees, insurance and maintenance costs are not getting any cheaper either. Read our full car vs ebike cost comparison…

Among our Pedego Owners Group we also have members who’ve become one-car families supplementing their transportation fleet with ebikes instead of a second, or even third, gas guzzler.

These are people who are making a conscious choice about where they are going to spend and where they are going to save. This is something we’re all doing lately as we look to be sustainable with our finances.

A cycling lifestyle tends to be slower and simpler, local, and limiting of box store impulse buys no matter how big your panniers are. It becomes your “uniform of life,” and we think it looks good!

Sure, an ebike is a big investment off the top so when dollars are tight, its even more important you make a solid spending decision. A Pedego has proven technology and is backed by a five-year warranty. Discount brands may seem affordable up front, but can you afford to fix a bike with lesser quality or worse, trash it when it is beyond repair.

You may save money by owning an ebike if you are:

  • A college student – Find cheaper housing further from campus without relying on a car or timing of public transportation.
  • A stay-at-home parent – Haul your little ones to playgroup and top up on groceries while your partner drives to the office.
  • A downsizing baby-boomer – You have more than you need. An ebike helps you adopt a simpler slower lifestyle.
  • A condo dweller – Live hyper local. Some say it’s the future of urbanization, but proximity gives downtown dwellers an advantage in embracing this way of life now.
  • A one-car family – Offset the expense of your necessary gas guzzler with an ebike or simplify with everyone pedaling more to places.