Ebike Essentials from our Experts at Pedego Canmore

June 6. 2023

Summer is upon us! Are you ready to ride? Let Pedego Canmore help you get road ready with these e-bike essentials! You can browse all our Pedego branded accessories here

Visit Pedego Canmore at our brand new location at Unit 100 – 1350 Railway Avenue to equip your bike!

  • Helmet

    The most number one thing a cyclist should do is put on a helmet every time. The Nutcase helmet provides good quality for your budget. We also love Thousand helmets for their style and comfort. Come try one on!

  • Bell or Horn

    Pedego has some great bells so that you can let people on the trail know when you are coming. Basil also has a great line of stylish bells for your bike. This is another great safety tool and a way to express a little style at the same time.

  • Left-hand Mirror

    A great safety feature to add to your electric bike is a Pedego Handlebar Mirror. Instead of constantly checking over your shoulder for what’s behind, you can navigate busy roads with vision forward by taking advantage of these well-positioned high-definition glass mirrors.

  • One-time Tire Inflation Canister

    Gup!! What is that?! GUP Kwiki Canister is a convenient alternative to fixing and inflating a punctured tire or tube. It’s compatible with all Pedego bike tires and easy to use with no special tools required.

  • Multi-Tool

    Being prepared on a ride is important so a tool set is a valuable essential. Yet, no one likes to be weighed down. We love the M17 Multi-Tool from Crankbrothers. Check it out!

  • Lube

    Keep your ebike performing at its peak with a great cleaning routine. We recommend Mint ’N Dry. Made in Canada!

Other nice to have items:

  • Suspension Seat Post

    A little suspension goes a long way to reduce the bumps along the road. We like the Kinekt line for smooth riding!

  • Turn Signals

    Most new Pedego models allow the addition of turn signals so you can signal while keeping both hands on the handlebar for better stability even if the road is bumpy. We love these! Ask us about setting this up for you!

  • Panniers

    Pedego has a great line of panniers to help you carry all the extras for your journey. We also love Basil’s great looking carriers. Come down and check out our collection for something that suits your style.

  • Knog Scout Airtag

    Being prepared for the unthinkable can give you peace of mind. Bike thefts do happen. We love the Knog Scout Airtag for keeping tabs on your valuable investment. Ask us about this great product.

  • Basket

    Don’t be caught without a way to bring home the goodies from the farmers markets or downtown shopping. Our line of Pedego baskets easily mount and release so you can carry items in it even when you are off your electric bike. Pedego Canmore also carries EVO bike baskets for another great option.

  • Speed charger

    Pedego has high-speed chargers for most of our newer models. This is a great item to carry on a longer journey to top up your battery quickly. Ask us about this essential to keep you moving!

  • Bike Carrier Cover

    Keep your Pedego clean and dry. Protect your electric bikes from the elements whether you are storing them in your back yard or behind your vehicle. Pedego has both single and double versions of our cover.

Come visit us at Pedego Canmore for all your ebike essentials. We have everything you need and the expertise to help you choose. Let’s chat!