Ebike to Moraine Lake in Banff National Park with Pedego Canmore

May 16. 2023

Pedego Canmore owner Amy at Moraine Lake near Lake Louise.

With the boost of electricity, why not try pedal power to access one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Parks Canada’s recently closed Moraine Lake Road to personal vehicles. We think this is a good idea and goes a long way to protect a super special spot.

It’s always been a challenge to get to the incredibly popular Moraine Lake. The road from the village of Lake Louise is a short 13 km but parking is limited. From June to October, the parking lots fill up before dawn.

What happens is, because there is no way for cars to circle and wait for a spot like you do at the mall, visitors have to drive back down to the bottom of the road and try again. (So much wear and tear and greenhouse gas emissions!!)

Shuttles and tours will continue to operate. And, of course ebikes are still allowed. We think this has always been the best way to access Moraine Lake but now people can ride without all the traffic alongside. What could be better!?

Message us at Pedego Canmore to learn more about arranging a trip on one of our electric bikes!

For anyone riding the trails, remember to tread lightly, ride responsibly, and respect the land. Leave a small footprint.