Ebikes Making Commuting More Accessible – Pedego Owner Stories

June 8, 2023

More and more Canadians are turning to electric bikes as a great way to commute to work, school or navigating other aspects of life. Electric bikes get you out of traffic, save on car costs like gas and parking, and allow you a little fun along the way.

Ebikes also make commuting more accessible. Because of the help at the pedals, the commute feels shorter and allows you to arrive at your destination with less exertion, still feeling fresh for your day.

Woman romantic pose with Pedego ebike.

“I was so ready for that change and the joy it would bring me.” ~Naomi

Naomi is well known as the YEGConnector on Instagram where she often highlights her car-free lifestyle in Edmonton, Alberta. Naomi works from home so there’s no commute to the office, instead, she uses her Pedego for those other runs we all make in life – errands, getting groceries, meeting a friend, or getting to an appointment across the city.

Last September, when Naomi got her white Pedego Avenue from Pedego Edmonton, she promptly named her Jolene. Loving her new ride, she decked Jolene out with Basil brand baskets and bags along with gear such as mirrors for safety and studded tires for winter riding. Naomi was previously not a traditional cyclist, so she took some time to get safety oriented and then, she started living her transportation dream.

“I always wanted to have an ebike because I wanted to save money and use transportation that was more sustainable and better for my mental and physical health,” she says.

One of Naomi’s favourite rides is to her local farmer’s market. It’s the slowing down and living local ideal that appeals to everyone’s romantic side. But logistically, it also makes sense.

“Honestly, I get to my farmers market faster riding my ebike, using the bike lanes, than I would if I used my car. I live in a busy central area of the city so any time I use the bike lanes, I find I pass traffic,” she says. “That frustration of being stuck in traffic isn’t there so that improves my mental health as well as saving time.”

Naomi owns a small SUV so she can get away to the mountains, but she doesn’t use it as much as she used to.

“I used to fill up twice a week and now I can go almost two weeks without filling up my car,” she says. “Even in the winter, I could plug in my car or hop on my ebike.”

Naomi has a sports knee injury and would not be able to ride up hills without an electric bike.

“I would just stay wherever it was flat before so it’s nice to have the ability to go up hills without feeling pain.

The idea of ditching one’s automobile can be an overwhelming idea for people stuck in their habits. However, for Naomi, getting out of her car didn’t require much of a mind shift.

“I was so ready for that change and the joy it would bring me. Now, I love my new routine – I have my little basket, or my panniers and I head up to my grocery store, lock it up and go in with my bags. I enjoy my trip so much more.”

“Or if it’s a beautiful day, I just go biking,” she adds. Naomi has a good friend who now owns a Pedego too so they can bike together. “We are the Pedego gang.”

Woman wearing helmet with red Pedego Boomerang ebike

“I realized it’s possible and it’s really keeping me in shape.” ~Cécile

Cécile Auger lives near Montebello, Quebec where she bought a stunning red Pedego Comfort Cruiser in June 2021 from Pedego Montebello. Her aim was to get a bit more exercise, but she soon realized the best way to get the most out of her ebike was to regularly ride to work.

Cécile works at the spa of the Fairmont Le Château Montebello as a massage therapist and her commute into town takes her through the hilly countryside. It’s seven km one way and it takes her about 25 minutes.

About ten years ago, Cécile tried pedaling from home into Montebello but found it too far, so she let go of it as something she could do. An ebike made it possible for her and now she’s been riding to work for about two years – from May until November, as long as the temperature is above five degrees.

“I realized it’s possible and it’s really keeping me in shape. My legs are built up and every time I ride it is more fun for me,” she says. “I am in the countryside. I hear the birds and see the green. It’s nice that I have that time when I am on the way to work to think and enjoy the view.”

“Because it’s an electric bike, I use enough of the power to arrive at work as if I’d just taken a little walk outside. If I am riding to work, I go for a relaxing ride,” she says. “If I want to ride harder, I am able to do that too. Sometimes go out in the evening to take a ride for more exercise. I have all the opportunities.”

Because Cécile is riding regularly, when she looks out upon a sunny day off, she is more in a mindset to ride and quickly jumps on her ebike for fun and exercise. She rides the momentum!