Naming Your Pedego Ebike – Owners Introduce their Electric Bikes

April 25, 2023

A Pedego by any other name is still a Pedego! Thankfully. We often hear from ebike owners reintroducing their new bikes to us. We welcome this tradition. Did you know that if people give names their possessions, they tend to care more for them and if it’s a human name it’s a practice called anthropomorphization. We don’t tend to name common items like your coffee mug or pencil. Instead, we name items that are important in our lives, that we appreciate and plan to have around for a while.

Meet Charlotte and Dave

(Pictured below left to right with an unnamed orange Element ridden by Dustin)

Owned by Chantel and Dave, these bikes are aptly named. We love Chantel’s seafoam Pedego Interceptor and that Dave named his Element after himself! Mostly, though, we love their smiles!

Three people with their pedego electric bikes outside the bike shop

Meet Ms. Sophia

Owned by Dustin Anderson who works at Pedego Nanaimo, Ms. Sophia is named after one of Dustin’s mom’s cats: “She’s beautiful. She’s strong. And she will bite you if you aren’t careful.”

Dustin Anderson commutes to and from work on a Pedego City Commuter carrying cargo.

Meet the Hillbuster

Owned by Jean and Arthur from Victoria, the Hillbuster is aptly named. We enjoyed welcoming the Hillbuster and its riders to our Victoria Pedego Palooza event last summer. “Love our bike,” says Jean.

We say, “That’s great to hear!!”

A couple rides their white Pedego tandem electric bike.

Have you named your Pedego?

We want to hear from you! Send us a photo of you and your Pedego electric bike and the reason you’ve chosen its name. We will add some of your entries to this page!