Electrek’s Rave Reviews for Pedego’s New Moto – Putting the Fun in Functional

May 24, 2024

Pedego Moto Duel Sport Ebike in Canada

Electrek’s Rave Reviews for Pedego’s New Moto – Fun & Functional

Electrek has been talking about Pedego a lot lately. Their latest online story is a feature on the Pedego Moto which they’ve described as a favourite.

“Pedego announced a slew of big new bikes this month, and we got to try out our favorite, the Pedego Moto. This brawny, two-person, beast leaves its competitors in the dust in so many ways,” writes Seth Weintraub.

Designed to take electric biking to new horizons, the Moto is your ticket to countless adventures, whether you’re craving off-the-beaten-path exploration, beachside escapades, camping trips, or daily commutes around town and is now available in Canada. Ride solo or with a companion and experience the thrill of the open road like never before.

Writes Seth Weintraub, “We’ve talked about Pedego a ton here at Electrek, but it bears repeating. No other bike company is doing more to get Americans onto e-bikes. With their excellent brick-and-mortar stores, many, if not most, Americans’ first e-bike experience is renting or trying an e-bike at a Pedego store. And because Pedego stores and e-bikes are top-notch, those experiences are almost entirely good first impressions.”

Check out more of their review which includes a helpful video…

The Pedego Moto isn’t just a bike; it’s an invitation to explore, discover, and create memories. Where will your Moto take you 

Visit your local Pedego dealer, hop on, and let nature do the rest.  

**Please keep in mind that this article was published with the US market in mind including pricing, imperial measurements, and US power rating. Pedego electric bikes comply with Canadian road legal requirements of having a 500W power rating and top speed of 32 kilometres per hour.