Forbes Takes Pedego Moto for a Spin and Gives Rave Reviews

June 26, 2024

Pedego Moto Duel Sport Ebike in Canada

“Fun For Two: Pedego’s Big New Moto E-Bike Lets You Share The Ride”

Thank you to Forbes for taking the new Pedego Moto for a spin and for writing such a thorough review! We are happy to hear you like the Moto!

The Pedego Moto is a dual sport ebike that allows you to bring a passenger along for your daily commute or weekend adventure. Forbes reviewer William Roberson specializes in motorbikes, ebikes and EVs. He praises the Moto for its solid step-through design, motor power, OE colour display and its comfort through both suspension, rear shocks and the seat built for two.

Writes Roberson, “It’s Pedego’s first go at such a bike, and while the price is higher than some in the same category, the excellent ride quality, true on and off-road versatility, uprated components and precision feel while riding make it worth the extra investment. This is an e-bike you can ride for many years with no need to worry about upgrading. Highly recommended.”

The Pedego Moto isn’t just a bike; it’s an invitation to explore, discover, and create memories.

Visit your local Pedego dealer, hop on, and let nature do the rest.  

**Please keep in mind that this article was published with the US market in mind including pricing, imperial measurements, and US power rating. Pedego electric bikes comply with Canadian road legal requirements of having a 500W power rating and top speed of 32 kilometres per hour.

Pedego Moto Duel Sport Ebike in Canada