How An Electric Tricycle Changed One Woman’s Life


David Twigg, of Wellington, Prince Edward County in Ontario likes to ride his bike. His wife, Louise Rousson would like to ride with him but back and balance problems have meant she has been unable to ride a regular bike. They had looked at three-wheeled tricycles, but none really suited, and none had a back rest, which she needed for support. They had considered an e-bike but had only seen the moped variety and it was not that exciting an option for Louise as she still wanted to pedal. 

One afternoon in October 2017 they were driving along Main Street through Bloomfield village, Ontario, and saw the Pedego Electric Bike sign and decided to pop in to have a look. Then they saw the Pedego Trike electric tricycle. It was beautiful, it had a back rest, it had a large cargo space and they discovered the wonderful concept of pedal-assist. 

A test ride was organized, and Pat, the co-owner of Pedego PEC, took them to a large empty church parking lot so that Louise could test the bike in perfect safety. The electric tricycle’s saddle and handlebars were adjusted, controls explained, and then Louise was off!

Her smile lit up the grey afternoon. 

Louise and David ride almost every day, even in the winter. They also go shopping on their bikes – did you know that the cargo space on the Pedego electric tricycle will carry four bags of groceries? Louise is a well-known sight in Wellington, and several people have dropped into Pedego PEC and mentioned what an inspiration she is. Louise mostly uses the pedal assist as she is keen to get the exercise, but the throttle is very handy if David gets too far ahead! 

They highly recommend the Pedego Trike electric tricycle. They consider it an investment that will last them for as long as they still can ride, which everyone hopes is a very long time.

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