Everything You Need To Know About Electric Bikes


Just in time for the 2017 biking season, Pedego Canada has released it’s Electric Bike Study Guide which lists everything you need to know about electric bikes offered by the company. In the beautifully photographed, full-colour, 26-page Study Guide, you’ll find answers to all your questions about Pedego electric bikes.

For example, everyone wants to know how fast a Pedego electric bike can go and this is answered right at the start of the Study Guide: “All Pedego Electric Bikes are governed at 32 kilometres per hour in accordance with the ‘power assisted bicycle’ classification provided by Transport Canada.” There are two other key characteristics of a power assisted bicycle that the federal government outlines, which Canadians should know:

    • – It has operable pedals

– It has an attached electric motor of 500 watts or less

For more about the legalities of electric bikes in Canada, and in each province and territory, log on to our “Are Electric Bikes Legal in Canada” post.

Other questions answered in the Study Guide include ones about hub motors versus mid-drive motors, the differences between throttle and pedal assist, how to maintain your electric bike and battery longevity and range. In fact, a large part of the guide is set aside to describes batteries as their one of the most important aspect of any electric bike. It describes volts versus amps versus watt hours and explains the different kinds offered by Pedego, specifically the 36V and 48V options. It also states:

“Pedego Canada uses lightweight, long-lasting lithium batteries with Samsung or Panasonic cells and an industry-leading two-year (Pedego now has a five-year prorated warranty on our batteries!) full replacement warranty.”

To learn more about how to properly maintain your electric bike battery, read our article called, “Three Ways to Prolong Your Electric Bike Battery.” And for further details about content described in the Study Guide, we recommend you log on to the Blog section of the Pedego website where you’ll find entertaining stories such as the “35 Funniest Bike Racks in North America” as well as answers to practical questions such as, “Why Electric Bikes Don’t Recharge Batteries When In Use.” 

The Pedego electric bike Study Guide then goes on to describe the twelve different models of ebike offered by the company and compares them to each other so you have a better sense of exactly what kind of electric bike is perfect for you. For example, the Pedego Latch folding electric bike is excellent for snowbirds or Canadians who spend a lot of time on boats or at the cottage. But what are the differences between the Comfort Cruiser and the Interceptor? Or the Trail Tracker and the Ridge Rider?

To learn about all these differences and more, click here to view the Pedego Electric Bike Study Guide.

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