Why It’s So Great Owning Pedego Qualicum Beach


Recently we asked Julie and Ruby, the owners of Pedego Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, why it is they love owning a Pedego store. They didn’t answer right away saying there were so many reasons that they wanted some time to think about it. A few hours later, Julie emailed us a 400-word document that was so well written and authentic we decided to share it with everyone else (with their permission of course).
This is what Julie wrote:
The main reason we love owning a Pedego store is our customers. They inspire us to make every day unique and fun.
It’s always an event at our store when someone purchases an electric bicycle and I think it’s because of all the stories involved. There’s the lead up to why the person decided to look at an electric bike in the first place. Then there’s the test-riding experience and learning all about this new technology and sometimes that can play out over multiple visits, test riding various different bikes. People learn about the health benefits and the cost savings and the fact they don’t have to have a special license or special insurance.
And then there’s the day of purchase when the customer is just so happy. That’s why we love what we do — we live for those grins.
Of course, the stories don’t end there. I could go on and on about all the new friends we’ve made because people keep coming back and letting us know about how great their bikes are and inviting us to join them on rides. They also come back for their first free tune up, which is another opportunity for them to share about what’s going on with them and how their electric bike has impacted their lives.

We’ve heard so many stories about people who had to stop biking because the hills were too steep for them and then they discover electric bikes and their world is transformed! There have been paper-delivery people, for example, who were about to give up their job because the weight of 100 newspapers was too much for them. We found them the right ebike or trike and they were on their way again.

Then there are those couples who had to stop biking together because one person is recovering from or enduring, hip, knee, foot, heart or lung issues to name a few. One or two test rides on on an electric bike and, voila, they’re back out there. Of course, sometimes they get so keen to ride their partner has to get an ebike as well to keep up!

Some people purchase an electric bike to use as their primary vehicle to get groceries home or ride to work. And some use it recreationally because there’s no better way to explore the area and surrounding islands. In fact, we’ve had people purchase ebikes so they don’t have to pay the high cost of bringing a car on the ferries, there’s always lots of room for bikes and they’re first on, first off.

We also hear great things about our Financeit program, which allows people to pay for the purchase of their electric bike over the course of many months, giving them the freedom to get to school or work without worry about prohibitive overhead. And the program encourages people to shop locally and keep money in the economy here in our area north of Duncan on Vancouver Island.

Finally, we  love owning a Pedego store because, like riding the electric bicycles, it’s just so fun!

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