Meet Owen Duke at Pedego Toronto

April 4, 2023

Two men stand with a Pedego Tandem inside Pedego Toronto store.

There is no sub for a brick-and-mortar bike shop in your community. Experience expert, friendly service, and after-sales in-store care from our Pedego Toronto team led by Owen Duke. Owen has a welcoming nature and a great deal of professional knowledge.

Owen grew up just north of Toronto in Newmarket where he worked in a bike shop while studying sports management in university. He always had a love for cycling and when he tore his ACL playing hockey in university, he further appreciated how one could continue to ride while healing from pain.

“All too often people are hesitant to get into cycling for fears of not being able to ride like they used to,” said Owen. “But I’m here to say that there is a Pedego for you no matter what your situation might be!”

Owen made the move to downtown Toronto last fall and is settling into the city centre. He is enjoying the life and character of the vibrant city. Owen is looking forward to his first summer downtown and plans to spend it café hopping, enjoying some live music and shamelessly eating amazing tacos found right in his own neighbourhood at Fonda Balam.

Owen also has plans to join Bill Wall for the Ride2Conquer Cancer aboard a Pedego Electric Tandem Bike! Learn more…

You can see him this summer at Eglinton Farmer’s Market which is set to open soon!