Pedego Electric Bikes Victoria Welcomes Oscar Reyes

April 4, 2023

Man with Pedego Ridge Rider electric bike in Pedego store.

Pedego Electric Bikes Victoria welcomes Oscar Reyes, our in-store expert ready to connect you to your best ebike experience. Oscar has a welcoming, professional nature backed by extensive bike knowledge along with sales and management experience.

“My priority at Pedego Victoria is to provide top high-quality customer service,” he says. “Pedego delivers industry-leading quality. It’s a privilege to share about this brand and who we are as a store. I enjoy being in an environment where I can build relationships. There is great opportunity here for all of us.”

Oscar’s cycling life began in typical fashion as he pedaled everywhere as a child. As he grew, so did his adventurous spirit. He loved BMX racing and freestyle riding and got competitive with it as a late teen. He’s thrill-seeking so getting his very first ebike experience on a Pedego Element was a treat!

“The Element is a fun bike to ride, good for gravel and off-road hills. As I am an adventurous man, riding it was so much fun to me,” he said. “It’s got a lot of power, but you still feel safe because of the fatter tires and low-to-the-ground position.”

Oscar has been living in Victoria for two years after coming to Canada from Mexico City to study sports management at Camosun College. He already has degrees in marketing, corporate law, and technology but he’s a curious person always wanting to learn more.

Oscar’s work experience is equally diverse though always includes business development, sales, and marketing with a connection to the health and fitness industry. For example, Oscar was general manager of all three Harley Davidson stores in Mexico City. It was a challenging role in which he thrived.

“I learned so much about branding, business reputation, building systems, training staff, and increasing the love for the Harley Davidson brand. They’re a legend in the motorcycle industry,” he looking back with pride.

Oscar is bringing that same expertise and brand enthusiasm to Pedego Victoria.

“Our positive energy and good vibes combined with the excellent Pedego product makes this store an emblematic point for every e-bike curious person out there,” he says.

Oscar loves living with his family in Victoria, a very different community than Mexico City. With the spring weather, he’s started exploring more of Victoria and Vancouver Island.

“It’s so quiet, so beautiful and people are so friendly. We’ve met so many people wherever we go,” he says. “I love cycling to a nice new spot in the landscape where there are no other people around. I’ll read a bit of my book and then pedal some more. I appreciate having my own moment.”

Though Oscar is a well-known figure in the sports community back in Mexico, what he appreciates most about an ebike is that it provides an avenue for exercise and exploring no matter what a person’s fitness level.

“You don’t have to be the fittest biker ever on an ebike. You can still ride with a good pace, go further and explore the region.”

Oscar invites everyone to stop in at Pedego Victoria and find out about Pedego ebikes.