New Owner Elevating Pedego Calgary in New Neighbourhood

September 5, 2023

Pedego Calgary owner and his team each posed on a Pedego ebike.

Chris Leschart has an entrepreneurial drive that’s steered him through the adventures of life and now, he’s focusing his energy on Calgary’s premier electric bike shop – Pedego Calgary.

Pedego Calgary has been offering sales, service, and rentals since 2018 at the Eau Claire Market in Calgary’s downtown. When the ebike operation came up for sale earlier this year, Leschart found himself taking his first spin on an electric bike as he searched for the perfect business to buy.

“I got on a blue Pedego Element and road it around through the mall,” Leschart says. “It was instant. I got the appeal in just that one little ride. I was definitely hooked!”

Leschart started his adventure in the Yukon and as a young child, moved to northern Alberta. He spent his formative years enjoying the big, beautiful outdoors near Hinton and Jasper – exploring, bike riding and playing sports – “I loved any recreational activity – you name it.”

“I got my first job and the first thing I saved up for was a mountain bike. It was an old Nishiki Barbarian,” he says. Spending my teens riding trails helped me develop confidence when faced with challenges. There is nothing quite like being in nature on two wheels.”

Leschart enrolled in the International Business and Entrepreneurship program at Mount Royal College in Calgary. While college brought him to Calgary, true to his entrepreneurial spirit, he found another more interesting opportunity in the city he still calls home.

“I left Mount Royal early to join some friends that were involved in an internet start-up company,” says Leschart. “I started with the company when it just had a few employees and was operating out of a car wash. In a matter of a few years, it exploded in size and even went public on the London Stock Exchange.”

After leaving the internet business, he started working for a much bigger established tech company but quickly returned to his entrepreneurial roots to help a few other startup tech companies try to capture some of the same magic.

“I always missed that initial electric start-up spirit,” he says. Ready for the next challenge, in the spring of 2023, he purchased Pedego Calgary from Cal Whiting who still owns Pedego Nanaimo and Pedego Victoria.

Big Moves – Pedego Calgary Relocating to Kensington

This fall, Leschart is making his first big move with his new business – literally. Pedego Calgary is relocating into the trendy and vibrant Kensington neighborhood where the shop will unify under one roof. At Eau Claire market, Pedego Calgary has been operating its sales, service, and rentals in individual stores. Leschart is excited about the move because it will mean working more closely with his team.

“Clarence and Doug have been great. Without them, it would have been a much more daunting task – coming into a new business. They have so much Pedego experience that they are willing to share and a great positive attitude,” Leschart says. “In Kensington, you will find all the fun we’ve had going on at Eau Claire Market but really reenergized in one location. Things will be a lot more streamlined, and we will be able to focus on providing even better full service to our customers.”

Remaining close to Calgary’s spectacular riverfront trail system also means access to amazing cycling is still on point for Pedego!

Leschart is loving his new ride – getting to know the Pedego ebike along with their loyal and enthusiastic customers. He’s getting hands-on in the service department and meeting everyone who’s coming in for a tune-up with their bike.

“It’s really cool to hear about their bikes and how passionate they are about them. There is such a great established community here. I am grateful to be a part of this.”

Leschart looks forward to meeting even more Pedego people at the upcoming Pedego Palooza taking place September 23 from 11 to 3 p.m. The customer appreciation celebration is Pedego Calgary’s third annual event hosted for the Pedego Owners Group. As part of the occasion, Leschart has a group ride planned from Pedego’s Eau Claire Mall location, across the river to Kensington for a sneak peek at the brand-new store.

Along with the family atmosphere existing among Pedego owners, Leschart also appreciates his own family’s support for this new venture. Married for 12 years, his wife – Holiday, assists greatly behind the scenes helping to manage the books and keep all the financials in order. He also has two children – a son who is 22 and serving in the armed forces currently fighting BC’s Forest fires and a daughter who is 8 just starting Grade 3. In his free time, he plays tennis with his daughter and enjoys anything else that keeps him active – including bike riding.

Stay tuned to Calgary’s Facebook page for details on the upcoming store move, the Pedego Palooza (save the date!) and all the happenings at Pedego Calgary. Better yet, stop in and bid goodbye to Eau Claire Market and hello to Chris in person.

Founded in 2008, Pedego is an early adopter and an expert in the electric bike field. Pedego batteries are made with premium brand-name lithium-ion cells and all Pedego’s ebike models come with an industry-leading five-year warranty.