Introducing Pedego’s Latest Innovations: The Cargo, Moto, and Fat Tire Trike

April 17, 2024

Pedego Electric Bikes Canada is thrilled to unveil three revolutionary additions to our ebike collection: The Cargo, the Moto, and the Fat Tire Trike. These cutting-edge models are not just a means of transportation – they represent the pinnacle of ebike innovation, safety, and enjoyment. Let’s explore Pedego innovations –  Cargo, Moto, Fat Tire Trike.

Uncompromised Safety Standards at Pedego

Over a decade of industry leadership reflects our commitment to safety.

Pedego’s latest ebikes feature batteries that meet the UL2271 standard, certified by SGS/TUV for unparalleled safety. The comprehensive UL 2849 certification extends beyond the battery, encompassing the entire electric powertrain for effective risk mitigation.

The certification evaluation encompasses the entire electric powertrain and system, ensuring the thorough examination of individual components for optimal assurance. In addition to the certification, Pedego goes even further with its resin potting (coating) on the battery components to add an additional level of safety.

PEDALSENSE®: A New Era of Riding Pleasure

Experience the future of cycling with Pedego’s proprietary PEDALSENSE® propulsion software.

The vibrant colour LCD display is your easy-to-use bike interface. It allows you to track performance with power meter and graph, as well as access trip and odometer functions.

It also allows for performance tracking and seamless mode switching.

Choose from three performance modes and adjust settings to your liking. The illuminated colour display offers easy control of PEDALSENSE® proprietary propulsion software that delivers the elevated riding experience signature to Pedego.

Pedego’s drive modes include throttle drive, torque assist, and cruise assist.

In Cruise Assist mode, effortlessly pedal, and let the motor maintain the highest speed, while Torque mode adds assistance with every pedal stroke.

Further customize your ride with Economy/Mellow Mode, Standard Mode and Pedego Mode. Conserve your battery or enjoy easy power of the start in Economy Mode while Pedego Mode is all about the powerful zip!

Rugged Design Meets Modern Technology

Our new e-bikes — the Pedego Moto, the Pedego Cargo, and the Pedego Fat Tire Trike — come equipped with standard features that redefine excellence. Building upon our legacy, we’ve meticulously upgraded our mechanics to achieve a next-level design, embracing progress and delivering an unparalleled riding experience.

The Cargo, Moto, and Fat Tire Trike ebikes are rolling on Kenda Cursor 20 x 4.0 tires with dual compound. They provide a wide footprint, gripping the ground like a determined explorer. Whether you’re navigating potholes or conquering off-road trails, these tires keep you steady.

They also include precision braking with premium Tektro hydraulic brakes and SRAM mechanical gears for an even more refined ride.
Whether you’re commuting, joyriding, or chasing sunsets, these brakes deliver consistent stopping power. Rain or shine, they maintain their cool. Plus, they’re low-maintenance — more riding, less tinkering.

SRAM mechanical gears are subtle, yet powerful. Shift up, shift down — the transitions are seamless. Hills? Flatten them. Sprints? Glide through effortlessly.

Standard Accessories – the Pedego Norm

Pedego’s new ebikes are coming decked out. They come built with those accessories other sellers are offering up after sale.

Storage and Seating – Necessities!

The Pedego Moto’s bench style saddle isn’t just any seat —it’s a memory foam throne, designed to accommodates not one, but two adult riders comfortably during long rides. Plus, it’s easily removable for those moments when you want to switch things up.

Sissy Bar with Rear Rack: Picture this — you’re gliding down the road, wind in your hair, and you suddenly need to carry some cargo. Fear not! The Pedego Moto’s sissy bar (yes, that’s a thing) comes with a rugged 6061 aluminum rear rack. It’s like having a trusty sidekick—always there when you need it. Cushioned for comfort and sturdy for practicality, this combo is your go-to for groceries, gear, or even a picnic basket. Adventure awaits, and the sissy bar is ready to roll.

The Pedego Moto also comes with Underglow LED light strips with seven colours and 15 modes.

The new Pedego Cargo ebike is both functional and eye-catching. The wood paneling adds a touch of rustic charm while protecting your cargo. The folding footplates, equipped with grip tape, provide a stable platform for your feet, whether you’re cruising through the city or tackling off-road trails.

The water-resistant storage compartment offers ample space (11.5L) for your valuables. Rain or shine, your essentials stay dry.
The passenger package ensures your loved ones ride in comfort and safety. The cushioned bar, plush backrest, and supportive cushion make every journey memorable. Plus, it’s easy to install—no fuss, just fun. Need even more storage? The front rack is your answer. It’s not just any rack—it comes with a wood package that complements your cargo e-bike’s aesthetics.

The pannier adaptor lets you attach panniers effortlessly and the adaptor plate lets you customize your cargo e-bike further.

The Pedego Fat Tire Trike is equally equipped to carry your cargo. The spacious bucket, strategically positioned behind the rider, not only provides extensive volume but also facilitates a hassle-free loading and unloading process.

It’s a 64-liter storage powerhouse. Whether you’re hauling groceries, beach gear, or your furry friend’s essentials, this bucket has room to spare.
Inside that bucket, you’ll find not one, but two integrated bins. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill compartments for organizing snacks, tools, or even a picnic blanket.

Pedego Innovations Cargo, Moto, Fat Tire Trike

Elevate Your Pedego Ebike Experience

The Moto comes with front and rear suspension. Describing these features often involves technical jargon that doesn’t make sense to the average cyclist. You know them more as they translate into an exhilarating ride that keeps you grinning from ear to ear!

  • Front Suspension: Inverted dual crown fork with 140mm travel, 15mm thru axle front fork, adjustable rebound and compression.
    The inverted dual crown fork is a head-turner. Unlike traditional forks, it places the stanchions (the tubes) at the bottom and the crowns (the connecting parts) at the top. This design enhances stiffness, responsiveness, and aesthetics.
  • The travel distance (how much the fork can compress) matters. With 140mm, riders can tackle a variety of terrains—whether it’s technical descents or climbing rocky trails.
  • The thru axle system ensures precise wheel alignment and stiffness. It’s like giving your bike a firm handshake — it boosts confidence during aggressive riding.
  • Customization is key. Being able to fine-tune rebound (how quickly the fork returns after compression) and compression (how the fork absorbs impacts) lets riders dial in their preferred feel.

Rear Suspension: 2 x coil over shocks with 45mm travel.

  • These shocks use coil springs for suspension. They offer a plush, consistent feel, especially on rough trails.
  • While not as much as the front fork, 45mm rear travel still provides comfort and control.
  • Having two rear shocks distributes the load and improves stability.

Enhanced Visibility for Every Ride

Pedego’s latest ebike lineup (Moto, Fat Tire Trike, Cargo) boasts several key features that enhance safety and visibility during your cycling adventures:

Handlebar-Mounted Headlight: Equipped with versatile high and low beam options, the handlebar-mounted headlight ensures optimal illumination regardless of riding conditions.

Built-In Running Light: Pedego’s ebikes come with a convenient running light integrated into the headlight assembly. This feature enhances visibility during daytime rides.

Radiant Taillight: The taillight on these ebikes is no ordinary light. It includes an active brake light, a continuous running light, and turn signals — all designed to keep you visible from behind.

Lumen Ratings: The Cargo and Trike models offer a combined rating of 500 lumens, providing ample brightness for urban commutes and leisurely rides. The Moto takes it up a notch with a combined rating of 700 lumens, ensuring exceptional visibility even in low-light conditions.

Pedego Innovations Cargo, Moto, Fat Tire Trike – Take a Test Ride Today!

Join us in embracing these exciting new ebikes that promise to redefine your cycling experience. Explore our website or contact your nearest Pedego store to learn more and take the first step towards your next adventure.