This Spring’s Top Accessories for Your Pedego Electric Bike

April 10. 2022

Spring brings anticipation for the riding season! Your electric bike is ready to go but as everyone knows accessories can make the outfit, or in our case, the ride.

Pedego Canada has a full line of top-quality accessories that can enhance your riding experience by tailoring your bike to your needs. Are you heading to the beach, the brewpub, or the farmer’s market? In what conditions do you ride and what cargo do you bring? Let’s make your ride even more enjoyable and safe!

Check Out Our List of Must-Have Accessories for Spring 2022:

#1 Extra lights

You headed out for your evening ride expecting the sun to last in the sky for hours, but long summer nights are still a few weeks away. It’s important to be well lit while you travel on your electric bike for your safety and the safety of others. Pedego Edmonton recommends the Pedego Torch Headlight and new Torch Taillight are rechargeable and run 2 to 9 hours for optimal visibility. The front and back LED lights are visible during the day and install without tools to make it easy for you to light up. The headlight has a huge output of 1000 Lumens. Wow!

#2 Basket or panier

Pedego Edmonton also loves a good basket or panier for all those trips to farmers markets or downtown shopping. Don’t be caught without a way to bring home the goodies. Our line of Pedego baskets easily mount and release so you can carry items in it even when you are off your electric bike. We have some fun basket liners that can also be carried as a tote. For those of you who like to shop big and carry it all, consider pannier bags that attach at the back of your bike with a large pocket on each side.

#3 Pedego phone holder

This accessory is a must for exploring new areas by using it to navigate your way around. It’s also a safer place to store your phone while riding your electric bike than your back pocket. The Pedego Premium Phone Holder is fully adjustable fitting all Pedego handlebars and most phones. For optimal views, the holder has 360 degrees of rotation for portrait or landscape modes.

#4 Pet carrier

Bring your furry friend with you when you explore on your electric bike! With Pedego’s Pet Carrier you can safely bring your pup or cat on an adventure or into town for errands – if they are game for the ride. The Pedego Pet Carrier is stable, supportive, protective, and comfortable for your pet with its padded, reinforced walls, and large air vents. The built-in safety leash keeps your pet secure and it’s compatible with all Pedego rear racks.

#5 Insulated Cooler Bag

As the weather gets warmer, we want our beverages refreshingly cold and our picnic lunches well-preserved. Pedego’s Insulated Bag fits inside most of our pannier bags. Its welded seams keep it fully waterproof from the inside out which is a plus for the rest of your cargo. Carry the bag with you after you park your bike, and a bonus is the built-in bottle opener.

#6 Sena Helmet

Whether or not a helmet is mandatory in your province, it’s a solid idea to protect yourself while you ride. Pedego Oyama recommends the Sena Helmet as one of their favourites.  It’s good looking, comfortable, well ventilated and can also come with smart phone Bluetooth integration. Stream audio, get live route updates and info from your fitness apps and more… Regardless of what helmet you chose, ensure yours meets the approval of safety organizations such as ASTM, ANSI or CAN-CSA.

#7 Neck Warmer & Gloves

Spring rides can mean cool temperatures and variable weather conditions. Being warm can make sure you enjoy your ride. Consider a stylish neck warmer and a pair of great riding gloves to avoid a cold breeze down your shirt and numb hands. In a glove, go for something breathable that’s wind and waterproof and make sure it fits snug with a longer cuff. Pedego Oyama sells a great buff printed with bicycles which is on point for electric bike riding!

#8 Gup

What is that?! Everyone hates flat tires, no matter what time of year it is. GUP Kwiki Canister is a convenient alternative to fixing and inflating a punctured tire or tube. It’s compatible with all Pedego bike tires and easy to use with no special tools required. Being prepared on the road this spring will ensure you aren’t sidelined on an enjoyable ride.

#9 Handlebar Mirrors

A great safety feature to add to your electric bike is a Pedego Handlebar Mirror. Instead of constantly checking over your shoulder for what’s behind, you can navigate busy roads with vision forward by taking advantage of these well-positioned high-definition glass mirrors. This model is left and right specific and fit all Pedego bikes positioned on top or below the handlebars.

Pedego Electric Bikes Battery

#10 New & Improved Pedego Battery

Last but certainly not least, at Pedego Canada, we are also excited about our new generation of bike battery! The new model comes in a jaw-dropping 52-volt 17.5-amp hour option for industry-leading range and power. The most eye-grabbing feature of the new battery is the ultra-bright integrated rear light with state-of-the-art LED technology that is both energy efficient and highly visible. The battery also has a new carrying handle and is made to be easily serviced as it’s backed up by a 5-year prorated warranty.

You can browse through ALL OUR Pedego Electric Bike Accessories or contact a dealer near you to learn more!