Pedego for Sustainbility – Ebikes Cutting Demand for Oil at Rate Surpassing Electric Cars

November 29, 2023

Pedego Canada is joining The Conversation. A recent article put out by this academic Australian magazine highlights evidence supporting the benefits of switching to micromobility such as ebikes.

There were over 280 million electric micromobility vehicles on the road last year, cutting oil demand by a million barrels a day. That is a rate of four times that of electric vehicles, about 1 per cent of the world’s total oil demand!

Here are some more great highlights from The Conversation:

  1. Global oil demand is now projected to peak in 2028 at 105.7 million barrels per day – and then begin to fall, according to the International Energy Agency. US researchers estimate that if ebike trips expanded to 11 per cent of all vehicle trips, transport emissions would fall by about 7 per cent.
  2. Electric Vehicles provide some gains when it comes to GHG emissions but they are not the “silver bullet.” EVs still take up so much space – to park, to drive, to maintain… Plus, their batteries are bigger. Of course. They are bigger – bigger but often, they are transporting only one or two people.
  3. For the average car doing 12,000km annually, an EV would cost around $480. If you commute on an e-bike 20km a day, five days a week, your charging cost would be about $20 – annually.
  4. Ebikes are a solution to “short trips.” These are trips that cover less than 10km, which account for 44 per cent of all Australian commuter trips and 60 per cent of all US car trips. These trips are ideal for electric bikes, which reduce emissions, pollution and fuel costs.
  5. Ebikes are a solution to the “last kilometre problem.” This is the inconvenient distance between one’s home and the nearest public transport station or stop. Electric bikes are a fast and easy way to cover this distance.

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Read the article (and follow the links for references) that has us feeling so inspired… The Conversation. And, let’s keep this conversation going!