Pedego Making Electric Bike Batteries Safer with Resin Potting Trend

May 6, 2024

Electrek online magazine recently featured Pedego as an example of ebike brand leading the industry with battery design – by using resin potting.

This spring, Pedego introduced three brand new ebikes – the Moto, the Cargo, and the Fat Tire Trike – which all feature batteries that use potting. Potting uses a resin that is poured between cells to isolate them from each other and the environment when it hardens.

Potting can mitigate the two biggest factors resulting in battery fires: corrosion and physical damage.

Read more about Pedego as an example of this leading trend in Electrek

Writes Electrek: “We recently learned from Pedego, a major national e-bike brand, that it was adopting new potted e-bike batteries that use heat-absorbing resin between cells. Potting the batteries and enclosing the cells in a thermally conductive material helps Pedego protect the battery from impact and puncture damage, and also helps dissipate heat more effectively.

This heat management is vital, as excessive heat can lead to thermal runaway, a condition where increasing temperature causes further heat release, escalating into potentially hazardous situations.”