Riding Safety is Foundational to Pedego Ebike Fun

June 22. 2023

Being equipped with knowledge, safety gear and awareness about your bike are important in preparing you for safely venturing out.Here are the top five things you can do to be safe when you go for a ride on your electric bike. 

#1 – The most important thing a cyclist can do is put on a helmet – every single time. There is other gear that can help keep you safe as well including bright clothing and reflective gear, a bell, a white front light and red rear light, reflectors…

#2 – Be informed! Know the laws of the road. Ebikes are road legal in Canada as long as they don’t exceed 500W and speeds of 32 kph. Check your provincial requirements and municipal laws. This will also inform whether it’s legal for a child to ride an ebike in your jurisdiction.

#3 – Practice! Know how to navigate in traffic with clear intentions for safest maneuvering around cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Do you remember your grade school cycling lessons? If not, connect with something in your community for an all-important refresher. Local cycling organizations can point you in the right direction. A couple great options are: StreetWise Cycling Online, and Can-Bike eLearning across Canada.

#4 – Knowing how to control your bike, pre-checking your equipment and keeping your ride tuned up are also extremely important as an ebike can go faster than a regular bike. Treat your ebike as you would a vehicle to ensure it is road worthy for your safety and the safety of others. This includes checking the handlebars and stem, tire inflation and brakes before you head out for each ride. Get our Pre-Ride Checklist her . Pedego also recommends a maintenance check with our certified bike mechanics after 160 km as well as an annual tune up. Keeping up with this also extends the life of your bike and keeps your warranty up to date.

#5 – Be visible. It’s important to be well lit while you travel on your electric bike for your safety and the safety of others. Use a headlight and taillight like the Pedego Torch Headlight and new  Torch Taillight. Best colours for clothing are yellow, white and neon green.