Sizing Your Pedego Electric Bike – What Fits Me?!

September 12. 2022

At Pedego, we know that one size does not fit all. If you don’t feel comfortable on your electric bike, it is less likely to be used! You want to love the fit so you can love your ride!

People’s proportions, flexibility and preferences can vary greatly. We recommend test-riding (Try Before You Buy) as many different styles as possible in order to get a sense of fit, feel and comfort but before you get to that stage, consider this:

  • A more traditional road bike or mountain bike has the rider leaning forward quite a bit. You may find an upright commuter or cruiser style of riding more comfortable.
  • If mobility is an issue, or you just like the style, a step-thru frame is definitely worth considering. These are much easier to mount and dismount than the classic straight-bar frame.

Pedego electric bikes come in a variety of frame sizes. Your height and proportions will determine which fit is best for you. As you will note, our bikes either come designed to fit a variety of riders (Latch, Boomerang, etc.) or in different sizes to meet specific size needs (Interceptor, City Commuter, etc.).

24″ Step Thru Interceptor/Comfort Cruiser – 5’2″ and under

26 ” Step Thru Interceptor/Comfort Cruiser – 5’4″ to 5’10”

29″ Classic Interceptor – 6′ to 6’6″

26″ Classic Interceptor/Comfort Cruiser – 5’8″ and up

26″ Step Thru City Commuter – 5’2″ to 5’6″

28″ Step Thru City Commuter – 5’6″ to 5’10”

26″ Classic City Commuter – 5’4″ to 5’11”

28″ Classic City Commuter – 5’10” and up

Boomerang – 5’4″ to 5’11”

Latch – 4’11” to 6’3″

Element – 5’4″ to 6’4″

Ridge Rider – 5’7″ and up

24″ Trail Tracker – 5’4″ to 5’9″

26″ Trail Tracker – 5’7″ and up

As well, all Pedego electric bikes have a maximum rider weight capacity of 250 lbs. The Tandem has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs, with an individual rider capacity of 250 lbs.

All this considered, did you know that Pedego Canada has a Try Before You Buy program. We stock as many bikes as we can in store so you can test ride a Pedego before buying the bike of your dreams. Learn more about this opportunity with a dealer near you:  Try Before You Buy

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