Protect Your Pedego – Don’t let thieves take your electric bike!

July 21. 2022

You worked hard for your electric bike so don’t let thieves snatch your ride. Protect your Pedego!

It’s unfortunate but bike thefts are on the rise. Some communities are even reporting a doubling in of bicycle thefts in recent years. Yes, there are more bikes out there in general but that doesn’t mean we all shouldn’t do what we can to prevent this crime of opportunity.

What are the top things you can do to keep your bike safe from thieves?

A Good Lock

When you buy your bike, it’s important to invest in a solid lock right away. The Pedego brand Foldy Lock is made from hardened steel links connected by rivets designed against sawing and cutting. We are so sure of this lock that when you get one at time of bike purchase, we include a two-year antitheft warranty. Registration of both the lock and the bike are a must for this. Talk to your local Pedego dealer for details.

There are other good locks out there too – Kryptonite or Abus are solid brands. Police also recommend using two locks: a U-lock and cable lock together mean thieves need more than one tool to steal your bike. Also, never lock by only the front wheel.

Final tip: It might be a no-brainer but NEVER LEAVE YOUR BIKE UNLOCKED IN PUBLIC – even for a minute.

Proper Storage

Remember when you were a kid and you could leave your bike dropped on the front lawn in the evening – another bygone of the era. Don’t advertise to thieves that you have a bike. Put it in the garage if you have one and remember to close AND lock the door. If you don’t have a garage, use your locked shed or at best, ensure your bike is not visible from the street and that it’s securely locked up.

As another deterrent, take the extra step and remove your battery when locking up your bike. An electric bike is a lot less desirable without its battery in place!

Serial Numbers – Photos

Ensure you have your bike’s info in case you need to identify it. Have your serial numbers recorded and take a photo of the bike. If your bike is stolen, immediately report it to your local authorities. This will help with any insurance claim and potentially help recover your bike. Police will also report your stolen bike to the national Canadian Police Information Centre police database.

  • It is a crime to buy a stolen bicycle. If you are shopping for a second-hand bike and you are at all suspicious the bike may be stolen, check the CPIC database.

Anti-theft Programs

At Pedego, we say Hello Fun because we are all about the enjoyment of the ride. At the same time, we take theft seriously. At the time of purchase, the serial number of your Pedego bike and battery are recorded in the Pedego Canada National Registry. When a bike is stolen, all Pedego dealers are notified. We also watch out for second-hand bikes that have no battery or charger. We never sell them without verifying the serial numbers (and rightful owner) first. This is one of the great benefits of your lasting relationship with Pedego Canada. We are here for you!

When your bike is registered, you have a greater chance of getting it back should authorities discover it, or it gets turned in.

There are other great registries out there operating globally including 529 Garage and Bike Index. These platforms allow a user who recently had their bike stolen to send out an alert to other users within a nearby radius. A great resource!

Protect your Pedego

In the unfortunate circumstance where your bike may be stolen, it’s never a good idea to intervene with a suspect on your own. Report a stolen bike through your local police non-emergency phone line. Follow up with tips in the same manner. Never protect your bike at the sake of your own safety.

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