Pedego Latch Folding Ebike Convenient, Compact, Comfortable

February 6, 2023

The Pedego Latch V2 folding ebike is convenient, compact, and comfortable! Our folding ebike is back and better than ever. You can have it all – accessibility without sacrificing any of the feel, power, and reliability you appreciate about a Pedego.

Are logistics holding you back from owning an ebike? Here are ten reasons the foldable Latch is perfect for you:

  1. You love to travel – RV life! Or maybe you car camp simply and still have a bit of room for an ebike. Being able to tour while on vacation is the best!
  2. You vacation on your boat – Stow your bike on board and be ready to explore at the next port. So convenient!
  3. You drive a small car – Eliminate the need for a heavy duty and expensive bike rack. Fit the Latch into your hatchback or smart car!
  4. You live in an apartment or condo – Overcome your building rules. (Pls check) Carry this bike up in your elevator, park it in your storage closet next to your step ladder. Safely stored off the street!
  5. You take public transportation – Ride to and from the bus, train, or ferry and then stow your bike on board. Check your local regulations but most municipalities encourage this form of bimodal transportation. It’s the way of the future!
  6. You take work trips – Take advantage of a quick business trip to a new city and bring your ebike. Having your bike so easily portable makes this possible!
  7. You want a more adjustable bike that fits the whole family. The Latch has an adjustable stem for variable handlebar positioning and adaptable seat height. The Latch fits someone 4’11” and up!
  8. You work downtown – Commute to work and park your folded bike right beside your desk. Convenient and this option provides extra security from theft.
  9. You live in a college dorm – Having an ebike can make college life easier to navigate but a full-sized bike could be impossible to store in your campus housing. A folding bike fits next to your laundry basket under your bed.
  10. You collect bikes/love gadgets – This bike is impressive in your line up. It fills a need, and you will love doing a demo for friends. The bike sets up and folds in seconds.

Of course, we can’t think of all the reasons a Latch may be perfect for you. It’s versatile – small in space and mighty in purpose. Let us know how a folding ebike inspires you!

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