What Does That Noise Mean? Bike Speak 101


We love it when the shops that sell Pedego electric bikes offer maintenance tips for their customers. It’s such a value-added service and one that we here at Pedego Canada love to share.

So when someone like Pedego mechanic Jessica Skelton publishes a post called “Learning to Speak Bike” we can’t help but share it with other Pedego owners. There is so much excellent information in this article. We’ll aggregate some of the material here but we highly recommend you check out Pedego Qualicum Beach’s “Maintenance” page for more great advice about how to keep your Pedego running smoothly.

Here are just some of Jessica’s tips about “Bike Speak 101” and what different sounds mean on your Pedego electric bike.

#1. A swish or scrape with every wheel rotation

Jessica says this sound could mean one of your brake discs is brand new, or possibly out of alignment or your brake pads are set too close to one of your disc rotors. Log on to Pedego Qualicum Beach’s brake blog for ideas of how to fix.

#2. A squeal or squeak when brakes are applied

Your brakes could be dirty. Click the “brake blog” link above for tips on how to clean your brakes.

#3. A small thunk, clunk or click with every wheel rotation

Jessica says this sounds could mean a spoke might be loose. “To check, gently shake each spoke; a slight flex is normal, but a loose or rattling spoke is not,” she writes. “Alternatively, your reflector could be loose or broken. A properly installed reflector should offer resistance when pushed, not spin freely. A blue spoke wrench is required to tighten a loose spoke.”

#4. A rattle, especially on rough roads or over bumps

“Your fenders, chain guard or kickstand could be loose,” Jessica explains. “Make sure all your visible screws stay tight!”

#5. A repetitive popping or clunking with every pedal stroking

Jessica says in this case something could be wrong with the ball bearings in your pedals or bottom bracket (the hidden metal tube that connects your two cranks together). If this is the case, you’ll also feel a distinct popping in your feet through the pedals. It’s best to take your bike in to Pedego Qualicum Beach or another reputable bike mechanic to have fixed.

#6. A scrape with every pedal rotation

Jessica writes “Your chain guard could be out of alignment, causing your crank (the long arm connecting your pedal to the bike) to hit it. A nice adjustment is a counter bend: lift the bike and have someone move the pedals (without pedal assist or throttle) and voila! A counter bend is easy and quick.”

To learn more about “Bike Speak 101” and what various the various sounds emitting from your Pedego electric bike can mean, we recommend reading the full blog by Jessica at Pedego Qualicum Beach.

Also, don’t forget to visit your Pedego dealer or bike mechanic for a regular tune-up that will help take care of small issues like the ones listed above so you can focus on having fun riding. For a list of Pedego dealers in Canada, visit our “Dealers” page or contact us anytime at  1-888-777-2066 or email us anytime at info@pedegocanada.ca.

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