How To Clean Your Electric Bike


We here at Pedego Canada had a lot of fun shooting the following video that explains how to clean your electric bike properly. (Hint: don’t use a pressure washer!) The actor is Lucas Myers and he had us in stitches throughout the entire day we filmed. We hope you like watching the video as much as we enjoyed creating it.

In this “info-tainment” video we have a lot of fun showing you exactly how to wash your electric bike. Reasons to keep your Pedego electric bike clean include: maintaining its awesomeness, and ensuring dirt and grease don’t build up on the frame.

The first thing to remember about washing your Pedego electric bike is to not use high pressure water. This means you don’t want to take it through a carwash, use a pressure washer or, as depicted in this video, using a fire hose on it. The reasons we don’t want this is because the high-pressure can wedge dirt and water into areas it shouldn’t go and potentially damage some of the electric components. That said, your bike (including the electric components) is weather-proof so using a light sprinkling of water to wet down your bike is fine. (Just make sure you don’t submerge them in water.)

The best way to clean your electric bike is with a damp cloth, using gentle motions to wipe down the frame. For stubborn dirt, and to clean the chain, use a gentle degreaser like diluted dish soap and apply it to the bike with a soft brush, then rinse.

And remember: be sure to lubricate your chain after every wash.

Finally, you’re bike is awesome so be sure to store it properly in a dry place away from the elements. Proper storage will also help keep it clean.


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