Dominate your City Commute with Pedego’s Premium City Bike

November 30, 2023

Pedego’s City Commuter is a timeless, city bike with a definitive form and trusted function for tackling any commute. This ebike will get you through tight turns on crowded streets attracting admiration as you maneuver.

The City Commuter has a classic geometric aesthetic and provides an active, upright riding position. At the same time, its cruiser style provides a comfortable seating and adjustable handlebars make for a perfect fit.

The City Commuter’s range and power make it one of Pedego’s best value bike, especially when you consider its included features, rear rack, fenders with integrated mudflaps and lights for safety. Described as zippy (over and over) when compared to competition, the City Commuter can manage the hills with ease.

Read our top reasons City Commuter owners say they love their Pedegos:

  1. The most strenuous part of my daily commute to the office takes me through busy downtown traffic. I need to be sharp-minded and intentional in my riding. My City Commuter gives me a forward, almost aggressive riding stance for commanding – and safe –control.
  2. The City Commuter has slim tires and a narrow profile through the handlebars. This makes for a responsive bike – the tires hit the road just right and I fit through everywhere! My commuter’s handlebars are compact without sacrificing swept back comfort. They are highly adjustable (without tools!) so I feel comfortable through my shoulders as I ride.
  3. I carry a lot of gear on my ride so the integrated frame around the battery makes for a great foundational rear rack. I easily integrated some solid panniers as well as a basket that I take on and off for extra carrying capacity.
  4. I can ride for hours! And I do! The suspension seat post and cruiser saddle seat make for a very comfortable supportive ride.
  5. I decided on the Pedego City Commuter because of all the fantastic features that are included in the purchase price. Sure, there are budget ebikes, even the Pedego Avenue comes with an attractive price tag. But I really wanted and need those extras –, the rear rack, fenders with integrated mud flaps, reflective tires and integrated lights for safe early morning or dusk commutes.
  6. I describe my City Commuter as durable and zippy! This bike’s motor gives me all the power I need. Nice job, Pedego! And I feel confident that my ebike was made to last. One of Pedego’s original models, the lasting power of the City Commuter and five-year warranty are reassuring in today’s fast changing ebike landscape.

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